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Prima is a province in Just Cause 3.
Just Cause 3 Map


Prima is a relatively wide, medium size province located in Insula Striate. There are no military outposts or bases here, but has four towns.

Medici's highway goes through the entire province. If following the highway to the west, the player will end up at Citate Di Ravello, Regno, which is the economic heart and capital of Medici, and if followed to the east, the player will end up near Perla Est in Costa Sud.


On the southern coast of Insula Striate, Medici.

Settlements and points of interestEdit

Bordering provincesEdit


  • The name means "before" or "first" in Italian.
  • It also means "fantastic" in German.
  • By alphabetical order Agro is the first settlement in Medici.

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