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Prisa Automóvil
Prisa Automovil logo.jpg
Prisa logo, as seen on their vehicles.
Faction in Just Cause 4
Goal, or purpose To manufacture and sell vehicles for money.
Ideology None
Leader Unknown.
Starting base, or HQ Prisa Automóvil
Source of money Sale of their produced vehicles.
Prisa Automóvil
JC4 microplane over a factory.png
The factory. Their main office building is also seen here in the top right.
Settlement in Solís
Type Automotive factory
Region Tierras Bajas
Biome Grasslands
Missions that take place here Prisa Hack
Windwalker: The Stormchaser

Prisa Automóvil (often shortened as Prisa Auto) is a company and location in Just Cause 4.

Description of the company

Prisa is a prominent vehicle brand. A location by this name is a factory for Prisa vehicles.

Most of their vehicles are based on Stria vehicles from Just Cause 3, though this is probably the result of game developers using the same vehicle models.

As a South American car brand with implied connections to a foreign manufacturer, Prisa may be based on Dacia, which sells re-branded Fiat and Renault vehicles. It has some unknown connections to Stria and Autostraad, since most Prisa vehicles are derived from models seen in Just Cause 3. For example, the Cumbila is the Stria Joia hatchback with no quarter windows and an updated fascia. With its Hispanic naming with implied connections to an Italian manufacturer, Prisa could also be based on SEAT, which sold re-branded Fiat vehicles up to the late 1980s.

In the mission Prisa Hack, Sargento says that Prisa Auto is where cheap automobiles are made for Solinos who cannot afford imports.

According to their advertisement on the Solís Hoy radio, they make all types of great cars, "Whether you're looking for the "majestic beauty" of the Prisa Sol, "the dynamic thrill" of the Azor 3, or the "raw power" of the X-10 Viveza, Prisa has whatever you're looking for."

The in-game map description states "This factory builds automobiles for the everyday Solino commuter, traveling La Verde from home to work and back again."

Description of their factory/base

Prisa has an automobile manufacturing plant in the grasslands biome, in the province of Tierras Bajas, near the city of Nueva Voz. The Prisa factory also has an on-site car dealership to sell vehicles to future car owners in Solís.




  • The company is one of the sponsors for the Solís Hoy radio. The radio has at least one advertisement for the latest vehicle models.
  • Seeing that most cars made by Prisa are modeled after Stria and Autostraad vehicles, the brand could be owned by Stria, or vice-versa, like Opel vehicles in real life are rebadged Vauxhall models. However, this is just speculation.
  • Despite being the place where pretty much all Prisa vehicles in Solís come from, no Prisa vehicles can be seen driving around the factory.
    • There are a few Cargo Trailer Trucks driving around, but they are likely transporting the material/parts to make the cars, since there are Flatbed Trailer Trucks too.