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Prisa Rayo Sport
Prisa Rayo Sport
Vehicle in Just Cause 4
Type Compact hatchback
Weapons None
Rarity Uncommon
List of owners Civilians
Top speed (km/h) Unknown
Top speed (mph) Unknown

The Prisa Rayo Sport is a vehicle in Just Cause 4


This vehicle is a subcompact hot hatch based on the south america only renault sandero r.s 2.0. The front headlights are large and oval shaped with lower running lights. The front end features an aggressive grille and hood scoop, plus a multitude of additional vents. It bears a similar appearance to the Windhund 4 on the rear end.

It features red detailing around the grille and on the center of the wheel, similar to the Volkswagen GTi series of cars (namely the Golf). Some versions can be seen in a two tone paint job with a lone strip of color on the side skirts and mirrors, along with a painted roof.


The Prisa Rayo Sport has very quick acceleration and handles extremely well on curved roads. The car is very agile, with a great driving feel. The brakes bring the car to a stop very quickly, even at high speeds. The car is not very durable.



  • It's made by the fictional company Prisa.
  • The car can be considered the successor to the Windhund 4 from Just Cause 3 as the sporty "hot hatch" of the game.
  • The name "Rayo" means "thunderbolt" in Spanish, which is strange in that while this vehicle is fast, it is not the fastest vehicle in the game.


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