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Prisa Viento SUV
Prisa Viento SUV (left front corner)
Vehicle in Just Cause 4
Type SUV
Weapons None
Rarity Average
List of owners Civilians
Top speed (km/h) At least 113
Top speed (mph) ?

The Prisa Viento SUV is a vehicle in Just Cause 4


It's a generic modern SUV. In universe it resembles the Stria Kavala.

There's Prisa sign on the back. It has a built-in GPS screen. The battery is located at a very strange place, right against the engine block. As seen from the gear lever, it has a manual gearbox.

It has leaf springs in the rear, but normal coil springs at the front. It also has alloy wheels.


Up to 150 km/h it's fine, but beyond that it's one of the weakest accelerating vehicles in the game. Aeropuerto General Benitez is nearly not long enough to test its maximum speed. This is made worse by its inconsistent rate of acceleration. Sometimes it reaches a stable 205 km/h when there's still 15-20% of runway left, but other times the player needs to start on a hill near the runway, to get up to 100 before reaching the runway. In one documented test (see below in the gallery) the airport ran out while the car was still very slowly accelerating at 213 km/h.

Normal road handling seems to be just fine.

The off-roading ability is impossibly good, allowing the car to climb nearly vertical walls. The bumpers extend far over the wheels, which seems to hinder extreme rock-climbing. It should be capable of driving over most hills and small mountains.


  • In traffic.
  • Randomly parked at many towns and villages in the grasslands area.
  • Unlocked for supply drop by completing a stunt at Casas Soleadas.
  • Always parked near that stunt, as all vehicles are always available near their unlocking stunt.
  • Parked at the gas station in Casas Soleadas.
  • At Prisa Automóvil:
    • Several at parking lots.
    • 1 in the show room.



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