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Prisoner Processing Center
Prisoner Processing Center
Settlement in Medici
Type Black Hand base
Region Insula Lacrima
Province Nebio Sud
Coordinates Unknown
Missions that take place here Stowaway

The Prisoner Processing Center is a location in Just Cause 3. It only appears in the Mech Land Assault DLC.


In-game map description: "The Prisoner Processing Center does exactly what it's name suggests: rebels and political opponents are captured, flown in from around the world and processed here. From here, they'll be assigned to one of Lacrima's larger Detention Camps. This camp is the smallest, but still features one high-security cell for the most uncooperative prisoners."

The settlement produces a blue beam of light which supposedly sources the force field around Insula Lacrima before the player is given access to the islands. Strangely, it still appears after deactivated.


  • 1 Armory.
  • 2 Cell Blocks.
  • 1 Ringleader Cell.


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