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Prizrak U4
Jc3 Prizrak U4
Weapon in Just Cause 3
Type Submachine gun
Usage Dual Wield
Maximum ammunition carried 420
Maximum ammunition in the weapon 40
List of owners D.R.M.
Medici Military
The Rebellion
Rico Rodriguez (through rebel drop)

The Prizrak U4 is a SMG in Just Cause 3.


It looks like a sawed-off shotgun, but with an additional vertical front grip and a long straight magazine.

The Rebel drop description says: "The Prizrak U4 is like getting rapidly bitten by dozens of mosquitoes, only replace "mosquitoes" with white-hot lead. Great for close-quarters combat."


It takes a lot of fire to kill someone, so in terms of time needed to kill, it's less useful than U-55S Pozhar, the D.R.M. pistol.

It's always Dual Wielded.




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