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Prospero Balística
Prospero Balistica (seen from north-east)
As seen from north-east.
Settlement in Solís
Type Factory
Region Abundancia
Missions that take place here Balística Burglary

Prospero Balística is a location in Just Cause 4.


Quote from the map marker: "This factory exports weapons to over 100 nations in addition to being the largest manufacturer of Black Hand weaponry."

The factory has a large wall around it with multiple guard posts and towers, giving it a vague resemblance to an old fortress. This is further backed up by the castle - the factory's tall main building at the northern end.

There are lots of big yellow pipes and smokestacks around the factory. Some destructible objects include Transformers, Fuel Tanks, Distillation Towers and Satellite Dishes. There is also a Surveillance Airship too after the mission here. The base is armed with 4 cannons on each edge of the base. There are 3 doors in the base that have weapon crates under them that can only be opened during the mission.


Prospero Balística is located on the northern coast of Abundancia, at the north-east corner of the area.




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