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Pugilista SUV
Pugilista SUV (civilian, left front corner)
Vehicle in Just Cause 4
Type SUV
Weapons One version is weaponized.
Rarity Average to uncommon
List of owners Civilians
Army of Chaos
Solino underground gangs
Top speed (km/h) Unknown
Top speed (mph) Unknown

The Pugilista SUV is a vehicle in Just Cause 4.


It's an off-road oriented car, with a role similar to that of the civilian Weimaraner in Just Cause 3. The Pugilista has a very boxy structure and rugged design, resembling stylistic cues from the 1980s era of automotive design. It features a lifted frame for easier off-roading.

It is heavily based on and the Brazilian-made Gurgel Tocantins, but with much wider fenders.


Acceleration for this vehicle is decent to below average. Where this vehicle shines in its light to medium off-roading ability, where it can climb over rocks with relative ease. Durability is good, being able to handle a few big collisions. Its brakes are average.

The "Volcán SUV" version is also weaponized with hood-mounted SMGs and/or miniguns and has a small jet engine in the back, to boost its speed.

Versions and locationsEdit

Owner Color(s) Special features Weapons Locations
Civilians Random. None. None.
Army of Chaos AoC faction colors and symbols Lots of equipment strapped on and 4 additional lights on the front edge of the roof frame. None.
"Volcán SUV"
One of the gangs from the Dare Devils of Destruction DLC.
Faction colors and symbols. At levels "A" and "B": Has a small jet engine in the back.
At level "S": It gains "wheel spikes".
At levels "A" and "B": dual SMGs on the hood.
At level "S": dual miniguns on the hood.


  • It's made by the fictional company Armadillo.
  • The meaning to Pugilista is "someone who fights with his fists for sport," or a boxer.
  • It can be considered the successor to the civilian versions of the Weimaraner from Just Cause 3.


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