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Quad Rocket Launcher
BM QuadMissile
As seen in the Black Market.
Weapon in Just Cause 2
Type Rocket launcher
Usage Two handed
Maximum ammunition carried 24
Maximum ammunition in the weapon 8
To unlock This is DLC
Cost $ 45000
List of owners Agency

The Quad Rocket Launcher is a weapon in Just Cause 2.


It resembles a 1970's four shot incendiary rocket launcher, known as the M202 FLASH. There are a few differences between the in-game version and the real life one, however. One major difference is the scope and the grip near the front of the weapon.


Like the name suggests, the Quad Rocket Launcher fires four rockets in a tight formation. It's very effective against both stationary and mobile targets, because the rockets have a high chance of hitting whatever it's pointed at. It can obliterate Fuel Depots and Fuel Silos with one set of rockets and can down most helicopters in 3-4 shots. It can take out lots of enemies in one shot.

Notably, unlike some other DLC weapons, this Rocket Launcher CAN get more ammunition without having to buy a new one from the Black Market, as it can be resupplied with standard Rocket Launcher ammunition from Panau Military soldiers. The Quad Rocket Launcher is an ideal weapon for assassinating Colonels, as they are often grouped together with their guards in compact places. Often, one shot from the Quad Rocket launcher is enough to kill a colonel and all of his nearby troops. 


  • In order to obtain a Quad Rocket Launcher, one must buy the Black Market 'Boom' Pack, which costs £ 1.59 / $1.99 / € 1.99 at PlayStation Store / Steam / Xbox Live. Once the DLC is purchased and installed, the weapon must again be purchased from the Black Market for $45,000 or else it is never seen in the game.



M202A1 66mm FLASH (Flame Assault Shoulder Weapon) Rocket Launcher

M202A1 66mm FLASH (Flame Assault Shoulder Weapon) Rocket Launcher

This is a real life presentation of what the Quad Rocket Launcher is based on.

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