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JC4 Quya (evening, near stadium).jpg
Settlement in Solís
Type City
Region Islas Intichayes
Biome Jungle/Rainforest
Missions that take place here Aeropuerto Scramble ends here.
Cut During The Chase ends here.
The Lost Tomb of Otorongo
The Illapa Project (part of it takes place here plus a lightning storm cutscene)

Quya is a city in Just Cause 4.


From the Quechua for "Queen", the city is a large population/commercial center and the second largest city in Solís (with Nueva Voz being the first). There is notably a financial center downtown with touristy/commercial/office buildings along the coast identified as tall, modern glass skyscrapers. A stadium is located west of downtown as well as slums along the hillsides. A road system leads to an international airport to the south of the city.

Quya is described on the promotional Just Cause 4 website as "Home to the free-spirited, free-thinking people of Solís."

The map description states "Home to the free-spirited, free-thinking people of Solís. A counter to the rigidly Espinosa-controlled capital of Nueva Voz."

Its population (speculated) is estimated to be around 100,000.

The highest concentration of the "Street Art" monthly challenge can be found here. Look for 13 Black Hand propaganda billboards throughout the city.

The I-80 runs through Quya on its way to Aeropuerto General Benitez/Cayito. There are 3 exits/connections for the city to the I-80 network, which run all around Solís.

A Black Hand Statue can be found here near the main skyscraper.


Aeropuerto General Benitez, Solís' only large international airport, is located south of the city. It serves as the main tourist airport in the country and the city. Roads easily transport people from the airport to the city. There is also a smaller airstrip for smaller planes to the west of the city.

A smaller regional airport is located northwest of downtown complete with a waiting lot for taxis, parking lot, and some hangars, but strangely no planes.


At the southern end of the city is a beach area complete with tourist resorts and businesses.

Cable cars

There are two systems of cable cars leading up and down the mountains around Quya.


The downtown is a mix of modern commercial, financial or office buildings and hotels for tourists. The skyline of the downtown district includes the tall tower, glass high-rises, and the port. It lines the northern coast of the city's limits. Here in the central park lies the tomb of Otorongo.


A port is located north-west of downtown, next to the tall tower.


A poor district of slums is located on the hillsides to the west and south of the city.


A large stadium is located west of downtown and contains multiple parked Chupacabra monster trucks. The vehicles are parked around a small stunt track (with small ramps and such).

Garland King mentions the name of the stadium during the mission Cut During The Chase. At one point she calls it "Allianza Stadium" and later "El Estadio". "El Estadio" literally translates to "The Stadium" in Spanish, which doesn't sound quite official (as there are 3 stadiums in Solís), while "alianza" is a Spanish word meaning "alliance", "wedding ring", or "political coalition", which sounds more like it "could" be an official name.

There are only 3 stadiums in the known Just Cause Universe, all of them in Solís.


The city is located on a peninsula on the eastern portion of the Solís, east of the rain-forest biome. To the north is a large, mostly unprotected bay. To the south is a protected bay.

The city is a part of the Islas Intichayes region.


  • Several Chupacabras in the stadium.
  • A system of Cable cars is right at the edge of the city.
  • Civilian vehicles drive around the city. There are also several parking lots with civilian vehicles. Before Islas Intichayes is taken over, Black Hand vehicles will drive around. After liberation, the Army of Chaos vehicles will replace the Black Hand vehicles. Black Hand vehicles can still spawn after the region is liberated, inevitably leading to firefights.
  • Toy Offroader near the stadium.


  • 1 Speed Stunt - Pass through the ring faster than 150 km/h (aircraft recommended.)
  • 3 Car Stunts. Completing these stunts unlocks them in supply drop.
  • 2 Wingsuit Stunts.
    • Wingsuit through all rings in less than 3 seconds. Try not to hit a hard surface too fast lest Rico take critical damage.
    • Wingsuit through all rings in less than 20 seconds.


  • The map has the number 37655 inscribed on the sea, north of the city.
  • The city has a stadium which is the first known stadium in the Just Cause Universe. There is another in Nueva Voz that was later confirmed through promotional material.
  • It's possible Quya was, at some point in development, intended to be the capital of Solís - on the game's official website, a photo of Quya is named as "screenshot-capital-city-small.jpg".
  • El Estadio (The Stadium) could be named Allianza Stadium.
  • The tallest skyscraper (the blue, shining glass one) located on the coast of the downtown area somewhat resembles the ICC in Hong Kong.
  • Historically Incan queens were called "Quyas" according to Wiktionary.
  • Interestingly, while the city itself is smaller than Nueva Voz (by only very little), the buildings in Quya are actually taller and arguably more modern in shape, material and general architectural style. The same can be said for the road systems. Obviously, this is completely subjective.
  • The stadium somewhat resembles Stade de France (the biggest stadium in France), though smaller.