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RG-PBA 9 Railgun
Weapon in Just Cause 4
Type Experimental railgun
Usage Two handed
Maximum ammunition carried 16
Maximum ammunition in the weapon 4
To unlock Secure the Kunka region
List of owners Black Hand
Army of Chaos (never seen in use)
The Agency

The RG-PBA 9 Railgun is a weapon in Just Cause 4.


The railgun is a white and gray rifle-like weapon that shoots an unknown type of ammunition (presumably an electrically charged metal projectile or a jet of plasma) at a high speed. Upon firing, the brilliant blue projectile leaves a glowing blue streak.

The charges are stored in the yellow cylinder-like thing on the bottom of the weapon, for Rico recycles that when reloading.


In early screenshots, the railgun was speculated to be powered by Bavarium due to the bluish tint when charging. In the final game, there is no evidence to support that it is Bavarium powered.

When charging up, the railgun's "muzzle" charges with blue streaks of electricity that grow brighter and brighter until it is charged to the maximum. It can be charged for different damage output. The railgun fires what is assumed to be a beam of plasma or an electrically charged projectile of some sort as it appears to be shooting out a zigzag, bolt of brilliant blue energy that can be considered electricity. Upon impact to targets, the projectile/beam/jet makes a miniature electric-like explosion of bluish tendrils of possibly electricity and bright blue sparks.

It is powerful enough that it can destroy about 85% of the types of objects and targets in the game in one fully charged hit such as a Warchief Assault Tank, or a Wind Cannon. Its fully charged shot deals a little less damage as the DA 9.3 Lightning Gun's secondary fire (storm grenade)'s final blue lightning strike, but does more damage than the white lightning strikes, except it doesn't completely remove things from the system, meaning their remains still appear. Extremely armored objects such as bunkers and armored military facilities can not be destroyed with the weapon, which are the only things the DA 9.3 Lightning Gun can destroy that this weapon can not.

Activating Alternate Fire will launch a drone in the air to aid its user in combat. The drone is armed with a machine gun and is very effective against infantry. However, the drone has very limited health and is very fragile when hit.

In terms of damage output in Just Cause 4, this weapon deals the second highest amount, right under the lastly striking blue lightning bolt triggered by the secondary fire of the DA 9.3 Lightning Gun, as the latter can destroy anything in one shot and leaves nothing remaining. However, by primary fire, it still deals the most damage.



  • This is one of several unique weapon types in the Just Cause game series.
    • Here it is unique in the sense that no weapons of this type appear in other games of the series.
    • It is also unique in the sense that this is the first proper "insta-kill" weapon owned by an enemy force. If an enemy Titan charges the beam to red (maximum charge) and it hits you, Rico instantly dies, regardless of damage taken.
      • On hardcore difficulty in Just Cause 2, the weapons used against you in that difficulty have significantly increased damage, but still none can kill Rico in one round.
    • This is also the first weapon in the Just Cause game series to have varying damage output with the charging ability.
  • Real experimental railguns can accelerate a projectile to mach 6, but they do not leave a visible trail of light and are the size of a Wind Cannon.
  • This fictional weapon is possibly a plasma railgun because of the blue electric-like ammunition and its zigzag streak it trails when fired. The electric-like streak and the electric-like projectiles can be speculated as plasma .
  • This is the one of three experimental weapons in the game.
  • At quick glance, this weapon could be confused for the DA 9.3 Lightning Gun.
  • As a weapon that can deal out a massive amount of damage, it can be considered in a minor fashion the successor to the M488 (except the Railgun does less damage and damage radius as it cannot one-shot-kill everything) or a single-shot version of the eDEN Spark (but the Railgun also has less damage than the eDEN Spark) from Just Cause 3.
  • This is the only experimental weapon in Just Cause 4 that does not use a bar representation for ammunition, instead using charged shots.
  • It's not known what the letters in the name stand for, though RG likely stands for Rail Gun. Speculated names include
    • Rail Gun-Powerful Beam Area 9 Railgun
    • Rail Gun-Powered Blast Area 9 Railgun
    • Rail Gun-Portable Beam Aim 9 Railgun



JUST CAUSE 4 Tornado Gameplay Trailer (2018) PS4 Xbox One PC

JUST CAUSE 4 Tornado Gameplay Trailer (2018) PS4 Xbox One PC

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