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Races are a type of sidemissions in Just Cause (1).
Deliverance race with Shimizu Tumbleweed

A Shimizu Tumbleweed at the end of Deliverance.


Just Cause has 9 races. They are hosted by the Rioja Cartel. The races in San Esperito are checkpoint races, without any competitors, just like the races in Panau.

The game tells you that you can use any land vehicle for a land race; any aircraft for an air race and any boat for a water race. However, all races can be started with any vehicle.

This means that most races can be completed with a helicopter. The Agency Whiptail Gyrocopter is the best one for the job, because it's the smallest. "Hang Ten" can be completed with a Fixed-wing aircraft, but fast helicopters such as the Delta MAH-15 Chimaera work too.

The race names and your best times are listed in the PDA statistics.

List of racesEdit

Race Name Location Provided Vehicle Special Notes
Deliverance In Isla de la Asuncion province. West of the Rioja 01 "Buena fortuna" safehouse. At an EL gas gas station. Hurst Buckaroo At one point there's an unusual obstacle on the road, with some logs and a Scando Track Loader Extreme.
Freakwave In Provincia de Rio Negro province. Across the lake from Rioja 02 "Paradiso bay" safehouse. At a dock in the southern part of the town Paradiso Bay. Triereme - RC Athena This is the only boat race.
Mount Doom In the Los Hidalgos province. Right across the road from the Agency 03 "Camp farmhouse" safehouse. Behind an EL gas gas station. Hurst Dagger This race can be difficult because of all the traffic on the narrow road. Stay calm and patient. Try different sports cars and always save them at the nearest safehouse first (to save time after failing).
The Endless Summer In the Encarnacion‏‎ province. To the east of Nuevo Estocolmo. At the Casa Isabella cartel villa. Yamada 37-14 Vaquero The race takes place at a purpose-built obstacle course which contains muliple jump ramps and a functioning parked Pankhurst Bus Tap Tap, which has to be jumped.
Hang Ten In the Costa Verde province. To the east of the Guerrlla 20 "Campo pueblo" safehouse. At an unmarked civilian airfield. Huerta SPA Ocelot
  • It's impossible to drive a plane backwards, so drive very slowly when you approach the starting line.
  • A part of the race passes over the non-solid bumpy road and right after that, a missing bridge. Both are among the Just Cause Bugs and glitches.
  • One checkpoint is between the chimneys of a factory. The next checkpoint after it is to the left, so make a sharp left turn.
Blood and Asphalt In the Costa Verde province. To the south-east of the Guerrlla 20 "Campo pueblo" safehouse and to the south of the race "Hang Ten". In a small unmarked settlement. Hurst Dagger The end of the race is at a cliff, so you may jump out before going over, or you may Parachute your way down, but stopping would cost time from the race.
Beach Head In the Provincia de Cordoba province. To the south-west of the Guerrlla 27 "Campo Halcon" safehouse. Stinger GP
  • The race takes place at a purpose-built obstacle course, which contains many explosive Red Barrels. A lot of these barrels only spawn during the race.
  • There's a few small lakes in the old sand quarry. Driving through them slows the vehicle down, so try to go past them to get a better time.
Phantom Riders In Esperito City - North. West of the Rioja 07 "Motor city" safehouse. At an EL gas gas station. Rossi 866 Corral There's a wooden stunt ramp in this race, which can't be seen outside of the race. Do not make this jump at maximum speed, or the car will stop during the landing and you'll lose a few seconds. Don't go too slow, or the car will crash into the landing ramp and you'll have to go around it. This may take practice.
Another Saturday Night In Esperito City - South. Near the Giant statue of Salvador Mendoza. At a "Supermercado" store. There can be several vehicles parked at the store parking lot, but only the Chevalier Street Bird De Luxe is always there. This track goes through a park and over a small hill. There's a collectable item on top of that hill. The item is from the collect mission "Red Eyes".


  • There is only one boat race.

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