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This is the main article for all radars in the Just Cause game series.
Gunung Merah Radar Facility (1)

Possibly the most powerful radar in the known Just Cause Universe, at Gunung Merah Radar Facility.

San EsperitoEdit

Several Military bases in San Esperito have large masts and smaller antennas shaped like the letter "E" (but rotated 90 degrees clockway), but those are all for communications. Really the only known definite radar antennas are the small dishes on the SAMs in San Esperito.

The San Esperito Military can track hostile aircraft (Rico flying a fighter during high Heat), but we just don't know where the radars are.


Main article: Radars in Panau.

Panau has invested more into radars than any other nation in the Just Cause Universe. They have multiple radars in nearly all Military bases in Panau. The Gunung Merah Radar Facility even has giant radars the likes of which are used to detect intercontinental ballistic missiles from thousands of kilometers away.


Military bases in Medici do have decent amounts of radars, but those seem to be relatively small and presumably of only local effect. Medici seems to have invested more into high-end communications technology.


Main article: Radars in Solís.

Every Black Hand base has a few of of these.

There are at least 4 different types, ranging from smaller bus-size radar spheres to enormous dishes that span tens of meters.

Radar jammingEdit

In reality military grade radar jamming requires very expensive and complicated equipment, but in the Just Cause Universe this technology seems to be relatively cheaply available.

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