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Radars in Panau
The most common type of Radar.
Sabotage Destructible Object in Just Cause 2
Total amount 75
Armament needed Heavy arms fire or explosives.
Value in Chaos points 250
Value in money 1250
Approximate safe distance during destruction Varies by type. Exact distances are unknown, but less than 10 meters.

Radars are sabotage destructible objects in Just Cause 2.


Main article: Radar (at Wikipedia).

Radars are used to locate items, such as planes; boats; weather conditions and birds. Radars can be instaled in ground facilities and on aircraft.

Most Panauan radars are used to detect aircraft from military bases.

Realistically, any one of the usual radars in Panau could cover the whole nations airspace. Panau has lots of mountains which would block the signal, which could explain why there's so many of them. A radar the size of the Gunung Merah Radar Facility could see incoming ballistic missiles from thousands of kilometers away. For more info, see the wikipedia article about early warning radars of similar size.


There are 75 of them and four different kinds.

Most common typeEdit

The most common type is by far this type, with moving parts and a dish-like thing in the middle. There are several bases in the Berawan Besar Mountains, that are identical to each other, each one with 4 corners and in three of the corners a Radar module. 62 of all the radars are of this type.

Radar domesEdit

A rare variant, found at only 2 locations, Kem Gunung Dataran Tinggi and Gunung Merah Radar Facility. It's a large dome maybe about 6 meters in size. There are only 4 radars is of this type.

Rotating dishesEdit

Very rare, only found at two bases:

A wide dish rotates around a mechanical axle. There are only 5 of this type.

Flat dish variantEdit

Very rare also, only 4 of the radars. These are found in the corners of the top section of the main building at Gunung Merah Radar Facility.

Mobile radarsEdit

These are counted separately in their own article: Mobile Radars.


They are immune to small arms fire, but explosives or a minigun will do well. Each Radar will give 250 Chaos points and $1250.

Radar FacilitiesEdit

The Gunung Merah Radar Facility is the one of two radar facilities in Panau. The facility consists of 11 radars and all the different kinds are found there. The base also holds a large number of Satellite Dishes. This one is by far the largest of the two.

Kem Gunung Dataran Tinggi has also an important purpose, but the radars are not found in a such great amount as at Gunung Merah.

Kem Singa Menerkam radar facility is where scientist-Colonel Ranjan "extensively tests new and ingenious radar equipment".

Many bases are using the most common variant, but they are better classed as communications bases.


They are found at many locations, mostly in military bases (Berawan Besar Mountains and Lautan Lama Desert).


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