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Rage-Johnston F6 Comet
Rage-Johnston F6 Comet (2)
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Fighter plane
Weapons Machine guns and missiles
Rarity Quite rare
List of owners San Esperito Military
The Agency
Ejértico Revolucionario de Liberación (after liberating La Perdida Military Base)

The Rage-Johnston F6 Comet is a jet fighter in Just Cause (1).


It's a fourth-generation jet fighter that resembles an F-15, Sukhoi 27, MiG-29 and possibly some other modern fighters.


The Comet is the third fastest aircraft in the game. It's good against other jet fighters like the Ulysses-McCoy Redcloud, but it's difficult to use for stunts, such as flying through narrow spaces that are close to the ground, because it's less agile and maneuverable than the Rage-Johnston F10 Wraith. It is the medium between the slower, more agile, dual cannon F2 Victor and the faster, less agile, dual missile Redcloud, as it has medium speed and agility, and armed with one of both weapons, one cannon and one missile (launched at a time).


  • Machine-guns.
  • Missiles. Just like all other missiles from all other aircraft in the game, they will lock onto enemy vehicles. If fired from too far away, locked-on missiles can explode before they hit. When they haven't been locked onto anything, they fly in a straight line for a great distance, until they either hit something, or despawn for being too far from Rico.

Versions and locationsEdit

Owner Color Locations
San Esperito Military Pattern of different grays.
Agency Dark grey
  • 3 of them fly over the player in the mission "Devil's Drop Zone". These are unobtainable. These are the first jets seen in the game.
  • Is provided during the mission "Taking Out The Garbage Vol.2". After this it no longer appears.


  • A part of its name is often misspelled as "Johnson", instead of "Johnston".
  • There are many famous people and places with the word "Johnston", so it's not known if the word Johnston is referring to any specific place or person. However, there were two famous american civil war generals on opposing sides with the surname Johnston. Johnston at Wikipedia.
  • The only other plane not used by the San Esperito Military is the Rage-Johnston F10 Wraith.
  • It can't use afterburners in the PS2 version, but has visible afterburners in all other versions.
  • It's made by the fictional Rage-Johnston company.


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