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Ramai Rakyat Islands
Panau City Map
The geographical district. The picture also shows the districts of Panau City.
Territory in Panau
Faction Roaches
Gained in Free Trade
Stronghold Pelabuhan Saudagar Harbor
Location in country West

The Ramai Rakyat Islands is a location in Just Cause 2.


The name translates to "Many People Islands" in Malay.
Panau International Airport (main building and tower)

Panau International Airport is located in the Ramai Rakyat Islands.

It's one of the nine districts in Panau. Panau City, the capital of Panau, is located there. The district comprises of a group of islands, large and small. The four western most islands make the four internal districts of Panau City: Financial, Residential, Park and Docks. The district is the most urbanized in Panau and the most populous, being home to a large percentage of Panuans. There's a mostly unpopulated group of islands to the east where the military controlled Panau International Airport, paved racetrack (Bandar Selekeh), and Hot air balloon are located.

Note that the influential area covers half of the actual Panau Tengah Bay and a part of the Lautan Lama Desert, while the actual district only covers the islands around the city.

Also note that with the exception of Bukit Dengkang, every military base in this district is geographically located in the Lautan Lama Desert.


The district has a very good transportation infrastructure. The Panau International Airport is located here, the only way to leave the country by commercial airlines. Mosts of the islands' settlements are connected to the Panau Motorway/Highway System, including the M1, M3, M4 and M5 highways including two roundabouts in the area. Unfortunately, there's no bridges going over to the nearby Lautan Lama Desert, so if you want to get there it's best to use an aircraft or a boat. Otherwise, you need to make a very long road journey around the Tengah Bay to get there.


The actual district around the islands has almost no industries at all except for the travel and possible tourism centras in the city, not even Pipelines are found there. Presumably, the major sector of Panau City's economy is the financial industries occupying the towering skyscrapers in the Financial District.

Although if you count the influence area in the Tengah Bay, there's one lone Offshore Rig named Pelantar Gas Telok Panau. The rig is for natural gas.

In the city, the only industrial area in the actual district can be found, at Pelabuhan Saudagar. The harbor is the greatest harbor all over Panau, and a primary port for importing oil. Pipelines most likely lead there, but they are surely located under the ground.


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