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Reapers symbol.
Faction in Just Cause 2
Goal, or purpose To conquer Panau and set it up with a communist dictatorship, similar to 1970s China.
Ideology Communism
Leader Bolo Santosi
Starting base, or HQ Reapers Hideout
Reapers HQ
Source of money Unknown
Theft from government
Donations? Extortion?

The Reapers are one of the three illegal paramilitary factions in Just Cause 2.


The Reapers are a Revolutionary Gang located in Southeast Asia that believe in communism, led by Bolo Santosi. The Reapers have been a thorn in the side of the Panauan government since the 1930's. Based in the agricultural flat lands which sprawl across the island, these Maoist villagers have long preached revolution. Their revolutionary goals are to bring communism to Panau and unite all citizens against the "fascist pigs". Some time later, China heard of their cause, and funded their gang in the hopes of one day taking control of the large Panauan oil fields.

During the 1930s when Asian immigrants came, they brought pro-communist Chinese with them which soon started the Reapers. During the Cold War, Panau wasn't stable and naturally NATO countries supported anti-communist ideals in Panau, while the Soviets supported pro-communist ideals, which lead to the Reapers growth due to Soviet assistance. Later when "Baby" Panay's autocratic government (who the Reapers accuse of fascism) took over Panau, the Reapers had enough people and resources and started a pro-communist revolutionary gang.

Karl Blaine describes the Reapers as a faction which follows Che Guevara's footsteps and says that they are "all about the land and the people, as long it's their land and their people". The Reapers have been known to be greedy. One of Bolo Santosi's main objectives is to control Panau and unite its people, but she wants to fill her pocket more than anything.

Areas of influenceEdit


  • Bolo Santosi - Leader.
  • Ranger - Wearing desert camouflage, pants, a green shirt, and a red scarf.
  • Elites - Wear desert camouflage pants, a shirt, a red scarf, 2 bandoliers.
  • Technicians - Wear desert camouflage pants, a lab coat, a red scarf. These guys only ever show up during Stronghold takeovers and possibly one mission.
  • Whores/spies - As explained in the missions Helicopter Hangaround and Driving Miss Stacey, the Reapers also employ a large number of whores to spy on military activities. During the mission Rocket Science, Bolo mentions that "We have eyes and ears everywhere".
    • The only specifically known whore is Stacey.


Like the other rebel factions, they carry randomized weapons like Submachine Guns, Assault Rifles, Sawed-Off Shotguns and Pistols. Notice that all faction soldiers (Reapers, Ular Boys and Roaches) are generally weak and should not be depended on during a firefight, but they do make distractions for government troops and can help when trying to make a getaway. Getting noticed near any Reapers will give you Heat.

A complete list of weapons they possess:


Main article: Category:Reaper Faction Missions.

You can also collect black boxes for them, for money and chaos points.


Main article: Faction vehicles.

Their gang vehicles, the Marten Storm, can be found in 2 different types: the regular Marten Storm III and the Marten Storm III-2. They are colored in bright red with a Reapers Logo on the side. The cars are colored red because they are Communists (red is the Communist color). See the Marten Storm page for more information. There are also many other vehicles across Panau belonging to the Reapers, like the rare Reapers versions of the Fengding EC14FD2, Saas PP12 Hogg, MV V880, Winstons Amen 69 and the MV Quartermaster. It can definitely be assumed that the Reapers steal a lot of military vehicles (above).

This is not a complete list. There are many vehicles the Reapers possess, including vehicles provided for sidemissions and some that show up in sidemissions.

Allies and enemiesEdit


  • The character on the Reapers symbol is a letter from the Tamil alphabet " ஞ " representing "ñ".
  • The Reapers have some similarities to The Reapers in inFAMOUS: both gangs share the same name, both have red as their gang color, and both are led by women.
  • Despite being enemies with the Roaches, you can still drive Reapers vehicles with Reapers in them into Roaches strongholds and they will not fire on you. Probably because the game developers never designed faction NPCs to shoot each other.
  • This faction is similar to the Guerrillas in Just Cause (1). They both represent left-wing politics, but the Guerrillas used open war in their revolution. The guerrillas also had much greater support from the people.
  • Out of the 49 sidemissions in Just Cause 2, the ones that start with C, D, J, and U are exclusive to this faction only. In fact, there is only one mission starting with J and U.


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