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Reapers Hideout
Reapers Hideout
Settlement in Panau
Type Faction supply outpost
Territory Lautan Lama Desert
Coordinates X:5660 Y:25880
Missions that take place here None, but the Reapers extract Rico here in the demo

The Reapers Hideout is a location in the Just Cause 2 Demo.


In the demonstration verson of the game, the Reapers Hideout is a special Stronghold for the purpose of introducing the player to the controls of the game. In the actual game, it's an unmarked location and most of it is gone. It's located on top of a mountain and has a good view of the surrounding area.

The firing range, one of the blue shacks and the Medicine cabinet are gone in the full game. There's an old temple (possibly from the Ular Tribe) just next to the hideout, but most of that is buried too in the full game.

In the full game, there's 4 houses/shacks and one observation deck at the side of a cliff. There's a sign "No BASE jumping" at the deck.

This outpost has multiple electric street lights and even a Transformer, so the Panauan electric power grid must have a high voltage power cable leading up here.

In the demo, as soon as you leave this area for the first time, the 30-minute demo timer will start. It will not start before then, which means that it's possible to get a headstart on Chaos points by completing the area before leaving.

What you can find there:

Demonstration version Full game
  • Weapon boxes:
  • 2 Resource Items:
    • 1 Armor part.
    • 1 Weapon part.
  • Small Destructibles:
    • 3 Red Gas Tanks.
    • 1 Red Barrel.


This is only possible in the Just Cause 2 Demo, as this location is unmarked in the full version. Completion in the demo version will give 1000 Chaos points and $2500.


The hideout is located on a mountain in the Lautan Lama Desert and in the full version of the game is difficult to find as it's unmarked and plays no special part in game apart from ammunition and weapon refills. Most of the Lautan Lama Desert is dotted with settlements of all sorts so it might be easy to miss for a land settlement.

The nearest settlements are Gurun Lautan Lama Alpha to the north and Bandar Gereja Gurun in the south.


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