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Refugio Umbra
Refugio Umbra airfield seen from south
Airfield seen from south.
Settlement in Medici
Type Rebel airbase
Region Insula Striate
Province Umbra
Coordinates N 40 47.020
E 5 43.500
Missions that take place here Rico and the Rose
Derailed Extraction starts here

Refugio Umbra is a rebel airbase in Just Cause 3.


According to the map: "In the shadow of the mountain, deep within Di Ravello's militarized zone, refugees displaced during the construction of the Wall and the burning of the North created a makeshift city in this cave, which soon became a safehaven for rebellion in Insula Striate."

This is a Rebellion hideout in Umbra. The hideout has a large hangar (see the picture) and some planes in Rebellion Faction colors and symbols.

You are first introduced to this base after safely landing Rosa Manuela's plane in the mission Rico and the Rose. However, it is possible to come here before the mission if you're traveling around.

The base is a set of Ancient Medici ruins on a mountain and in a cave. One side of the ruins has cliffs and a good view of the area to the east.

Of all the rebel bases, this base has the least number of rooms. Most of the equipment and even beds are in a giant empty space (the hangar), which due to being a cave, must be quite cold. The only rooms as such are Dimah's lab and the revolver training shooting range.


In a hill in the Umbra province situated around a large field of rubble or gravel. The rebels have converted some Ancient Medici ruins into their base. The base is connected to the road above with a vague gravel path.


Some of the ground vehicles spawn in random numbers from 0 to 3. These same ground vehicles can also rarely spawn in Medici Military livery (except the EMP Stria Obrero).


  • Umbra, the province containing this settlement, is liberated from the start of the game, similar to Soros and Cauda, which contain the other rebel bases Grotta Contrabandero and Cava de Rebelles respectively.
  • It is the only rebel hideout which contains a collectible and does not contain an arms locker.
  • This is the only place where you will find the Rebellion EMP truck in free-roam.
  • Refugio Umbra rougly translates to 'The Shadow Refuge' from Latin.


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