Render Block Models (.rbm files) are some of the file types that make up the first two games in the Just Cause game series.


Render block models (.rbm files in the game directory) are comprised of data blocks (of varying types) that define model data. Although used in both Just Cause 2 and Just Cause, research has only been conducted on the Just Cause 2 variant.

Recent (september 2014) developments might lead to more file types being made use of in modifications. More info here.

As of november 2014, the Just Cause 2 Multiplayer developers have helped the rest of the modding community to create a program for viewing the files. The program can be downloaded here.

Block TypesEdit

Hash Name Description
45DBC85F 2DTex1
08663465 2DTex2
474ECF38 3DText
67BCF1D0 AOBox
1B5E8315 Beam
AD529E70 BillboardFoliage Used mostly as leaves on big trees. Same as Halo, but supports lightning passes.
416C4035 Box
91571CF0 Bullet
CD931E75 CarPaint Vehicle mesh data. Does not support transparency.
81938490 CarPaintSimple
3449988B CirrusClouds
A399123E Clouds
DF9E9916 DecalDeformable
2BAFDD6C DecalSimple
8A42C0C1 DecalSkinned
06B1F602 DeformableWindow
CE39D7BF Facade Simple mesh, used as decal mostly for General mesh.
D885FCDB Flag
1637FB2A FogGradient
7E8F98CE Font
A7583B2B General General mesh data. (does not appear to support transparency)
D07193B0 Grass
65D9B5B2 Halo Used on lights as glow mesh. Behave as spite (Always face towards player). (Does not support lightning passes)
D5D78AE0 Lambert Same as General mesh, in addition does not support specular.
49FFDCF8 Leaves
DB48F55A Lights
C07B6866 Line
9185A4C3 Merged
2A44553C Occluder
5B13AA49 Open
4D3A7D2F Skidmarks
9DF9825E Particle
5E657F20 SkinnedGeneral Skinned general mesh data (used by character models, for example). Supports transparency.
64076188 SkyGradient
B308E2F4 SoftClouds
00EDABAD SplineRoad
1926EE45 Stars
74C752EA Terrain
5F259FEA TerrainForest
F19F9E2E TerrainForestFin
EB96E782 Triangle
96954A2F WaterGodrays
55897BB4 WaterHighEnd
3D778681 WaterWaves
89215D85 Weather
5B2003F6 Window
B1F9133D VegetationBark Used on rocks and tree trunks. Supports only albedo and normal map.
D79884C6 VegetationFoliage Used for moving leaves on trees and plants. Supports transparency.

Header hashes are backwards in the game files, so 

5E 65 7F 20

for the SkinnedGeneral block type would be

20 7F 65 5E

when viewed in a hex-editor.

File FormatEdit


Name Size Type Description
Magic Size 4 uint Length of "RBMDL" (should always be 5).
Magic 5 char[5] Should always be "RBMDL".
Unknown 2 4 uint Always 1? (Maybe major version?)
Version 4 uint Always 13. (Maybe minor version?)
Unknown 3 4 uint
Model Bounding Box
Min X 4 float
Min Y 4 float
Min Z 4 float
Max X 4 float
Max Y 4 float
Max Z 4 float
Block Count 4 uint Number of following blocks.
Blocks variable Block[Block Count] Block data.


Name Size Type Description
Type 4 uint Hash of the type name. See block types.
Data variable Block data format depends on the block type. There is no length specifier for each block (you have to know how to parse each type to properly read the entire file).
End Of Block Magic 4 uint Always 89ABCDEF. Used as a safety mechanism to ensure the block was parsed properly. It is however, unsafe to use as a way to identify the end of every block.

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