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Rico Rodriguez
JC4 Rico
As he appears in Just Cause 4.
Character in Just Cause game series
First appearance Devil's Drop Zone
Faction The Agency (formerly)
Rioja Cartel
Ular Boys
The Rebellion
Former Prisoners of Lacrima
Army of Chaos
Job CIA/The Agency operative (former)
De facto leader of The Rebellion
F1 driver (former)
Dictator removal specialist
Professional badass
One man army
Demolition expert
Espionage specialist
De facto leader of the Army of Chaos
De facto ruler of Solís
Last known status Alive

Rico Rodriguez is the protagonist of the Just Cause game series.


According to the Just Cause 2 PDA, Rico was 21 years old when he was scouted by Tom Sheldon in 1986 (which means that he would have been born in 1965, which conflicts other JC2 PDA info where it states that he was born in 1968), but according to promotional information for JC3, he joined The Agency – the covert arm of the CIA – at age 18.

In conclusion, it was unknown when Rico was born between 1965 or 1968, with the date on the JC2 PDA potentially not accurate. This confusion was then cleared up by the official Just Cause social media pages which (posted on September 28th, 2020) confirmed that Rico was indeed born on the 25th of January, 1968.

Rico has gone by various nicknames throughout his travels. Some of these include "Hero of San Esperito" in Just Cause (1), "Scorpio", "The Scorpion", and "King of Panau" in Just Cause 2, and "Aquila" (eagle), "Fratre" (brother), "Son of Medici", and "the agent" in Just Cause 3.


According to the JC2 PDA, Rico was born on January 25, 1968 in Mexico. It has been stated (at the official Just Cause Facebook page) that he grew up in Medici but was not born there. Medici is said to be both his and his mother's homeland. According to an interview with the game director, Rico's parents were killed in action, when Rico escaped the coup in Medici.

In JC4, it is uncovered that Rico's father, Miguel Rodriguez, was a scientist working for Oscar Espinosa and it is possible that while Rico was in Medici, Miguel made trips between Medici and Solís.

Before the Agency[]

Anders Bodbacka, the senior technical designer for JC3, revealed that Rico was born in Mexico and moved to Medici, which is where his mother is from. Rico's childhood friend Mario Frigo would later lead the Rebellion against Di Ravello before Rico's return.

According to the collectible Di Ravello audio diary tapes, Rico was a mediocre race car driver until he won a race as a result of the lead car's brakes failing (orchestrated by Di Ravello). Rico left Medici when Di Ravello ordered his soldiers to kill his parents to please The Agency. This order was given by the Agency because Miguel Rodriguez refused to continue work on Project Illapa. According to the info in JC3, Rico first met Tom Sheldon on the boat during his escape.

According to Rico's JC2 PDA profile, Rico was approached by the CIA during the Invasion of Panama in 1989, when Rico was 21 years old. Tom Sheldon then took Rico under his wing and became his commanding officer and friend, turning him from a rookie into the top agent he is today.

In The Agency and the CIA[]

Rico underwent CIA training and due to his expertise with weapons, vehicles, and other gadgets, he was soon accepted into The Agency.

This was a unit of the CIA that specialized in "regime change" operations, which involves overthrowing dictatorships that are being ruled unfairly or are no longer U.S. friendly.

During his time with The Agency, Rico trained under Sheldon, who taught Rico the skills and techniques he would need to carry out such dangerous operations, and became a good friend and ally. Rico ran a series of black ops to support guerrilla revolutionaries and overthrow evil dictators around the world.

Rico also met Maria Kane, another recruit within The Agency. Rico and Maria were intimate sometime before the events of the first game, something Sheldon is still oblivious to. Nonetheless, the three became close partners and often dispatched as a team: Sheldon being the commander, in charge of contact with Agency HQ and receiving intelligence, Maria deals with weapons, vehicle, and equipment procurement with Rico as the field operative, carrying out all the actual work.


As revealed in Just Cause 3 and Danger Rising, Rico was once on a mission in Guatemala. He was accompanied by Maria Kane (his significant other at the time), Dimah Ali Umar al-Masri, and possibly Tom Sheldon. Their forward operations base was the USS Codetalker. During that mission, Kane had briefed Rico in the submarines munitions storage room and Dimah had gotten into some trouble, from which Rico rescued her.

San Esperito - 2005[]

Rico Rodriguez JC

Rico in 2005

In 2005, Rico made a name for himself when he was called to the tropical island of San Esperito, along with Sheldon and Maria, who were already there.

This would turn out to be one of his largest, most difficult, and dangerous operations. His task was to infiltrate and assist two rebel factions on the island and overthrow the regime of general Salvador Mendoza, who was believed to be in control of WMDs.

After landing on the island nation, he breaks one faction leader out of prison to aid him in his revolution: José Caramicas. Transporting him to safety earned him the friendship of his faction (the Guerrillas) and the affections of his grateful sister Esperanza Caramicas. He continued to help the faction and make his way across the nation, meeting new allies and making enemies. With his allies, Rico proceeded and carried out numerous life-risking tasks that included the sabotaging some of the nations critical infrastructure and the killing of Mendozas family members. Eventually, Sheldon, Rico and Maria tracked Mendoza down, who had retreated to his island. Rico attacked the island-base and fought his way through Mendoza's army. Mendoza fled in a jet with Rico in hot pursuit. After Rico jumped aboard Mendoza's presidential plane, the president took a last-ditch chance to escape and skydived from the plane to get to a waiting submarine. Rico followed, skydiving after him, and killed Mendoza mid-flight.

Panau - 2009[]

Rico Rodriguez JC2

Rico in 2009

Tom Sheldon suspiciously goes missing with millions of dollars in Agency cash. He is suspected of going rogue. The Agency wants him found and killed. The events of JC2 took place in 2009.

Maria Kane personally tracks down Rico, believing him to be the only person capable of such a mission. She informs Rico about Sheldon's situation, who has disappeared in the island nation of Panau.

Rico returns and accepts the mission when he hears about Sheldon. He and Kane are flown to Panau, in south-east Asia, whose new dictator has suddenly cut all ties to the U.S.A. Rico is informed that Sheldon may have gone rogue. Rico grudgingly accepts the fact that he may have to kill his friend and mentor, who taught him everything he knows.

Immediately thrown into combat, Rico assaults a military base and retrieves some memory cards with various pieces of intelligence about the operation in Panau on them. Later, Kane and Rico go to visit Karl Blaine, a Swedish Agency asset who has abandoned his mission in favor of gambling and drinking, who is believed to have information about Sheldon. But, after arriving at his house, they are greeted by his apparent girlfriend Jade Tan. Jade tells Rico that Blaine is holed up in the Panau Falls Casino and needs help. Rico and Jade ride to the casino, taking a shine to one another in the process. Rico then forcefully extracts Blaine from the casino and is repaid with a Black Market contact and the HQ locations of three Panau factions.

Rico is introduced to the factions as a mercenary called "Scorpio" (once or twice called "Scorpion," possibly by mistake). The factions will dig up information regarding the whereabouts of Sheldon in return for Rico's services as a mercenary. Rico works for the "Reapers", led by Bolo Santosi, who is driven by her want for revolution; the "Roaches", led by Razak "The Razor" Razman, a very powerful drug distributor on Panau, though due to his wealth remains a prominent public figure; and the "Ular Boys", led by Sri Irawan, who is driven simply by his lust for power and independence. All factions disapprove of dictator Pandak "Baby" Panay, who they feel is corrupting their nation.

Sure enough, he finds Sheldon and confronts him. Learning about Baby Panay, he realizes that Sheldon had not gone rogue as it was believed. Instead, he was secretly investigating Panay, who is believed to have ulterior motives for cutting ties with the US. Rico is given the job of eliminating Panau's corrupt leader to return the country to US-friendly status. Sheldon tells Rico to keep working for the factions and causing chaos to flush Panay from his hiding spot and take him down, before departing to make amends with the Agency.

As Rico continues to work for the factions, he is abruptly informed that Karl Blaine is missing and isn't to be trusted (he had earlier installed a bug on Rico's PDA). Panay has also captured Jade, who is also revealed as a government agent and was caught snooping around. Rico races to rescue Jade before she is tortured by Panay, and he destroys the base where she is held.

From below a frozen lake, a nuclear submarine (U1) surfaces and a convoy makes their escape with Jade thrown into a truck. However, Rico foils the plan and hijacks the truck carrying Jade. Both are then rescued by Kane and Sheldon via helicopter.

The four of them take a break on Sheldon's barge boat where Jade expresses her gratitude towards Rico for saving her. She shares the intel she had gathered which reveals that there are three superpower representatives on Panau who also want to drive out Baby Panay. Knowing of the factions' want to remove Panay from the presidency, each of the representatives has allied themselves with a certain faction, providing them with financial backing.

Alexander Mirkov, a Russian secret service agent is aiding the Roaches; Zhang Sun, a Chinese leader who is backing the Reapers with his promise of revolution and a disgraced Japanese general named Masayo Washio, allied with the Ular Boys. Unfortunately, Jade was caught before finding out why the superpowers want Panay gone, or what their interest in Panau itself is. They all wonder what a small nation like Panau has to offer. Sheldon tells Rico he must continue doing jobs for the factions and retain their trust, to discover the locations of these superpower representatives. As Rico prepares to leave, Jade asks what he intends to do, to which Rico replies what he does best, cause chaos. She tells him to take care of himself, but he insists there will be another time for that, jokingly suggesting Jade give him a few tips in the future.

Eventually, one of the three factions unknowingly put Rico in contact with their superpower representative, enabling Rico and Sheldon to wipe them out.

Sheldon calls Rico to the Three Kings Hotel where Mirkov, Sun, and Washio are staying. Ironically, none of them know the others are there, too. After confronting and defeating all three, Sheldon and Rico again wonder what Panau has that can attract the Chinese, Japanese, Russians.

After locating Panay, Sheldon sends Rico and a faction to kill him. Arriving at his lair (Wajah Ramah Fortress), Panay queries if Rico is also on the island to steal its huge oil supply. It suddenly becomes clear that all this was for oil, as it appears that the superpowers were after Panauan Oil and wanted to get rid of Panay to get to it. The interaction is cut short by Blaine, who believes Panay killed Jade. He sets off a grenade, killing himself and seemingly also Panay. Rico makes a quick exit as the self-destruct sequence activates.

Getting to safety, Rico rages at Sheldon for having him risk his life so much just for oil. They are interrupted by Kane who informs them that rival powers have learned of Panay's death and their tankers are headed toward Panau to seize the oil, which will supposedly turn the nation into a field of death and destruction as they all clash over the worlds largest oil supply, with little regard for the inhabitants of the island.

Rico is sent to the oil field in preparation for the confrontation of the superpowers, but on his way there, a nuclear submarine (U1) rises from the water. Rico checks it out, only to discover Panay, having survived the grenade explosion, is intent on keeping the oil supply for himself. After being overpowered, Panay flees to the front deck of the sub and reveals to Rico that the fight isn't over. Three Nuclear missiles are directed at the superpowers who have come to Panau to take the oil and a fourth is directed at the US. Panay launches them; however, his clothes are snagged on the American one and he is hauled off with it. Rico grapples onto the Russian one and quickly disarms the first three as they speed over the water. Then after a brief scuffle with Panay, Rico slams him into the exposed missile interior, from which he's unable to free himself, but instead of disarming the missile, he changes the target coordinates.

Rico parachutes to safety and lands on the Agency barge with Sheldon, Kane, and Jade. The missile explodes behind him, having hit the prized oil field, much to Sheldon's and Kane's dismay. Rico explains his reasons for destroying oil worth so much, to spare the innocent people in Panau from having to live in fear and poverty due to superpowers clashing over the oil, as without it, all interest in Panau is lost.

As the group sail along the waters of Panau, the four raise a glass to good deeds, friends and a job well done.

Medici - 2015[]

Rico Rodriguez JC3

Rico in 2015

In 2015, several years after the events of Just Cause 2, Rico leaves The Agency and travels back home to the fictional nation of Medici, located in a fictional Mediterranean archipelago, to overthrow the dictatorship of General Di Ravello.

Since Rico is no longer in the Agency, he no longer wears a uniform. He's wearing a denim jacket, jeans, and work/cowboy boots.

With the help of Tom Sheldon, Rico travels to Medici on a plane during Di Ravello week. Sheldon explains that "Di Ravello is sitting on a ton of Bavarium, which makes him the Agency's best goddamn friend". Rico equips himself with weapons that he has smuggled with the help of Tom Sheldon and stunts to the roof of the plane which is now being attacked by SAMs. After defending the plane, the plane makes a vertical turn to dodge a machine gun from an attacking plane, which causes Rico to fall off. Rico parachutes down and meets up with Mario Frigo, now The Rebellion's incompetent leader. Rico ends up saving Mario from the D.R.M., then an urgent distress call from nearby rebels comes in and the two head for them as a backup. Managing to save the rebels in time, a fellow rebel says that Dimah Ali Umar al-Masri is now being attacked by the military. Rico mounts a helicopter and saves Dimah. After that, she explains that Bavarium is in the wrong hands and gifts Rico a new grappler, Wingsuit, and GE-64 explosives. Rico then destroys an outpost and a bridge to stop Di Ravello's reinforcements from the previous mission.

Rico meets Mario at his Granmatre's house for dinner, after which he liberates the town of Manaea by the command of Alessia and proceeds to liberate the nearby power plant, Vis Electra. Rico discovers that Sheldon survived the crash while Di Ravello discovers that Rico has returned. Di Ravello orders his soldiers to raze the town of Costa Del Porto to bring out The Rebellion's leader Mario; Di Ravello plans were to kill Mario Frigo. Di Ravello fails and they fly away to safety. Rico subsequently saves the town and saves Mario.

Dimah requests Rico to retrieve a Bavarium scanner from Vigilator Nord. After retrieving it, he travels to Cima Leon: Silo to determine if Bavarium is being weaponized, after which the detector explodes due to the detection of an overabundance of Bavarium. During the mission, Rico discovers that Bavarium is heading to Tom Sheldon, who wants the detector for his own. Rico delivers the destroyed scanner to Sheldon, who in a fit of anger, smashes his glass of beer.

Rico and Mario then escort Zeno Antithikara, a scientist defecting from Di Ravello's Bavarium research campaign. Supposedly enraged by Zeno's escape, Di Ravello launches a military campaign to crush The Rebellion in Insula Fonte. After assisting in several battles around Insula Fonte, the Medici Military launch a Bavarium nuke to distract Rico, who instead catches up to the missile and physically redirects the missile's course to Cima Leon Central Command instead of its intended target. Mario asks Rico to meet him urgently, but Rico is set up for a prank by a drunk Mario. He goes to Mario's actual location and the two deliver wine stolen from Di Ravello to some rebels where the group celebrate the victory.

Sometime later Sheldon informs Rico that some Medici Military ships are heading after Dimah and Mario. Rico is suspicious of Sheldon but goes to intercept the military ships and after defending Dimah and Mario, they meet two smugglers named Annika Svennson and Teo. After a firefight against Medici Military reinforcements, Mario becomes critically injured, in which Annika offers Rico aid to Mario if Rico does their bidding. It is later revealed that Sheldon and The Agency had ties to Di Ravello for 20 years for a promise that Di Ravello will have an alliance with the United States of America and the killing of Rico's parents was planned so Rico could be recruited for The Agency. Di Ravello is disappointed that Sheldon didn't keep his promise of an alliance with the US and starts blaming Sheldon for training Rico and his troubles. Di Ravello tells Sheldon to not return to his palace again and escorts Tom out of the palace.

All during this time, the smugglers ask Rico to steal an Imperator Bavarium Tank, besiege a Bavarium refinery, and test a Bavarium EMP, but Rico becomes suspicious of a mole in The Rebellion. During these events, Mario recovers from his injuries, but the two hear that military forces know where they are and are going to wipe them out. The smugglers escape to "avoid suicide" but later return to help. After this, they destroy another power plant.

The rebels hear that Rosa Manuela is returning to Medici, but Rico is protective and doesn't want her returning to avoid an assassination attempt, so he protects her plane, and after landing Rosa recognizes Zeno Antithikara as the mole and Zeno is imprisoned. Rosa tasks Rico to destroy a train carrying Bavarium out of Medici and Rico destroys the train. Annika and Teo ask Rico to help free their friends and after doing this, Dimah, Rico, and Sheldon stop a transport plane carrying a Bavarium bomb. The Medici Military attacks The Rebellion as a ruse to free Zeno, but Rico confronts and destroys Zeno's helicopter, killing him.

The Rebellion engages in a final battle against the Medici Military to serve as a distraction while Dimah infiltrates Falco Maxime Central Command and attempts to destroy the base tower and with it the last half-century of Bavarium research. After assisting in The Rebellion's victories in battles across Medici, Rico travels to Falco Maxime where Dimah reveals there is no other way to destroy the tower than manually directing the Bavarium missiles from the base command tower. Rico attempts to convince her that there is another way, but Dimah surprises Rico by firing his grappling hook at a passing jet and proceeds to sacrifice herself to guide the missiles to the Centcom Tower.

Annika and Teo track down Di Ravello in a Bavarium powered helicopter that escaped from Falco Maxime: Centcom moments before the explosion. Rico, along with Annika, Teo, and Mario travel to the last known location of the helicopter - a large volcano island off the coast of Medici. After a long battle with Rico, Di Ravello's helicopter crashes from too much damage, of which he crawls out of, determined to keep fighting. Rico confronts Di Ravello, who monologues about how he failed Medici. Rico can either kill Di Ravello or let him commit suicide, ending his reign. Rico then travels to a nearby beach to enjoy a drink alone, in a scene similar to the title menu. Rico appears to be alive and well for the events of three years later.

Solís - 2018[]

Rico goes to Solís to learn what became of his father, Miguel Rodriguez.

Rico learns from Mira Morales that his father is dead and that he had designed a super-weapon for the Black Hand, called Project Illapa. Rico is confused by this because he doesn't think his father would do that. He knows that Oscar Espinosa, the ruler of Solís, has some answers, so he attacks the Illapa main base to get to Oscar to talk to him. Rico doesn't initially care that the Black Hand are in charge here and also doesn't think that he needs any help. His attack on Illapa fails and he has to get help from the locals. The locals wish to get rid of the Black Hand, so this starts a rebellion called the Army of Chaos to topple the Espinosa regime.

According to Gabriela Morales, head of the Black Hand, Rico had toppled "half a dozen" regimes before arriving at Solís, but she also mentions that he "went off the grid", or "under the radar", or something like that "after Medici", so he must have had a vacation since then.

It's mentioned in Operation Whiteout that he is equipped with an AR lens - a nano-computer built into a contact lens.

Throughout the many missions, Rico learns from Javi Huerta, an archaeologist, that Solís has been ruled by the Espinosa family for centuries, and that they held power by a combination of rigged elections and lies about Otorongo, the previous ruler.

Rico also finds out that Project Illapa is a weather-controlling device that's officially meant to put an end to extreme weather, like tornadoes, sandstorms, snowstorms and lightning storms. This turns out to be a lie, as the device is meant to create weaponized controlled storms, which Oscar Espinosa reveals will eventually be pawned off.

Tom Sheldon, who claims to be in Solís on his own and who Rico doesn't initially trust, discovers that Rico's father may have worked with the Black Hand, but the details remain unclear until the mission Operation Thunderbarge.

Operation Thunderbarge (Rico examines a photo)

Rico examines an old photo. The man on the right is his father.

Miguel quit his job at the project and returned home to Medici. Oscar Espinosa then arranged Miguel to be killed. It's unclear who asked who precisely what, but Oscar noted that he had Black Hand units in Medici and that General Di Ravello is co-operating with the Agency. According to Di Ravello tapes, he burned down the Rodriguez household, killing the occupants, as a gift to the Agency. Di Ravello also mentions that he allowed Rico to be taken away by the Agency. Tom Sheldon mentions in the mission Operation Thunderbarge that he was still new to the Agency at the time and didn't know the details. He had only been sent to rescue specifically Rico.

Mira introduces Rico to César, who has discovered that the tornadoes in Solís are controlled by technology. They set up a raid on Zona Tres, a weather research base, and learn that the tornadoes are indeed controlled by the government as a part of Project Illapa. The secrets of the tornado technology are revealed in Operation Windwalker.

The mission Meeting Lanza Moralez reveals that Project Illapa was started by Leon Espinosa for completely peaceful reasons - to stop extreme weather. Later Oscar had ordered the project to be weaponized. This made Miguel Rodriguez quit and go home.

In the final mission Operation Illapa it is revealed that Oscar Espinosa was trying to sell the Project Illapa to The Agency. Rico kills Oscar and destroys the project. Gabriela and a few remaining Black Hand units defect to the Army of Chaos. Tom estimates that this loss must have cost the Agency trillions. Rico is seriously annoyed with the Agency and wants to take them down. Tom and Mira join this effort. They don't know how to do this, but Rico tells them that having an army is a good start.

The Solís Hoy radio announces after the mission that Rico is now apparently the new ruler of Solís and at least one of the show's hosts is willing to give him a chance at the job. The radio also mentions that some factions within the Black Hand have not surrendered and continue the fight. This refers to any region of Solís that the player might not have captured before the mission. The radio host urges them to lay down their arms so the people of Solís could focus on rebuilding.

While it makes sense to do this after Oscar Espinosa is defeated/killed, it is actually after Agency Distress Beacon that The Agency sends 8 submarines to Solís seemingly to eliminate Rico, but the aforementioned is only the secondary objective. Rico meets Sheldon at some town near a coastal town and drives Sheldon to the coastal town.

At some point, Rico is told by Sheldon that the Agency has been tracking Rico's grappler as "3 million dollars worth of stolen tech." The tracker is in a briefcase carried by one Emerson Miller.

At the coastal town, Rico and Sheldon run into a roadblock. They dismount from the Army of Chaos Pugilista SUV and proceed on foot. At one point, they are ambushed by Agency operatives. Rico and Sheldon fight them off, then head to the dock. At this point, Rico is taught how to use the hoverboard and is told to go to the USS Watchdog to disable it.

After disabling the Watchdog, 6 more Agency submarines appear off the coast of Solís. Rico proceeds to disable them all (in any order).

While disabling the submarines, Rico runs into a few of his old colleagues. Most of them don't appear to know Rico personally but are ordered to eliminate him anyway. Rico at one point runs into a guy called Kowalski, whom Rico knows. After defeating him, Rico tells him to rest easy, implying they were on good terms in the past.

Some submarines reveal other information about Rico as well, including how he has been tracked ever since after Panau and before Medici.

After disabling all 7 submarines, the agent in charge of the Solís operation, Emerson Miller, then appears on his command submarine USS Statesman. Rico is ordered to destroy that sub and hunt down Miller.

After destroying the sub, Rico chases Miller in his C3 Canvasback Hovercraft to a nearby Agency cruiser. There, Rico and Miller engage in a boss battle. Miller has a quick charging RG-PBA 9 Railgun, but Rico defeats him regardless.

After killing Miller, Rico disables the grappler tracker, while also deleting some personal files of his own on the briefcase Rico has been chasing. The screen pans out to reveal the Agency's real reason on Solís: copy details of Project Illapa and build it in a "safer location". Simultaneously, a map of the US with an Agency logo on it appears.

With this said, it is implied Just Cause 5 may take place in a country heavily influenced by the US, or perhaps even the United States itself, possibly a dystopian version. For more information about plot speculation, see the article for the future game.

Significant plot details end here.

Just Cause: Mobile (202X)[]

He would have been be returning in the mobile spin-off game. However, he was not the playable protagonist. Not much is known since the game was in early development before being cancelled, but he was said to provide intel and support to the player, similar to Sheldon in Just Cause 2, as a mission briefer and character that would have occasionally shown up in missions.



During the development of Just Cause, Rico is depicted as the "pretty boy" of spies and Mulatto-Hispanic heritage, described by developers as being:

"The child of one thousand comic books and action movies. He is James Bond, Mad Max, Jason Bourne, El Mariachi, Wolverine, Punisher, Rambo, Tony Montana, and Han Solo all rolled into one. With a touch of Enrique Iglesias to top it all off!"

Described by other characters[]


In Just Cause, Rico wears a standard-issue black ops outfit complete with a thin bulletproof vest and parachute. He is also seen wearing his trademark crucifix for the first time in the series, which implies that his religion could be either Christian or Catholic. His overall facial appearance and structure is noted to be very young in comparison to later games, being clean shaven, and he can be seen sporting a mullet haircut both in-game and inside cutscenes. Unlike later games, Rico's model during gameplay differs in detail from his cutscene version, since those are pre-rendered. In this game, he is 37 years old.

In Just Cause 2, set a few years later, he's sporting a more rugged look. He's more muscular and has slicked his hair back. He instead wears a black shirt with sleeves rolled up, covered by an open-collared buttoned leather vest and also a red arm bandana. Over this, he wears a tactical gun holster and fingerless gloves. He also wears a more casual pair of jeans with gun holsters and a brown stud belt, along with black combat loafers. He still wears the crucifix and now has a more advanced Grappler fitted to his left arm. In this game, he is 42 years old.

In Just Cause 3 Rico is sporting a beard and wears what is commonly referred to as the "Double Denim" outfit. It consists of a red T-shirt, a blue, zip-up denim jacket, and "boot-cut" blue jeans. Also present are, again, the crucifix, fingerless gloves, and the 2 side weapon holsters. He has hazel eyes (best seen in the Firestarter trailer breakdown) and has a tattoo of a scorpion on his upper left arm. New to Just Cause 3 is the weapon rack on the back of his parachute harness and the updated Grappler. In this game, he is 47 years old.

In Just Cause 4 he looks very similar to his JC3 self, except he appears to be a little less muscular since he's getting old. In this game, he wears a white T-shirt, a black zip-up leather jacket and stone washed denim jeans. He still wears his crucifix. A free DLC adds the Just Cause 2 and Just Cause 3 skins for Rico as optional customization. In the mission Thunderbarge: Obtaining The Ion Coil Tom reminisces about past missions with Rico and says that Rico used to dress "like a Mexican Johnny Cash". Rico doesn't appreciate the tone of the comparison and asks what's wrong with Johnny Cash. That same mission mentions Rico feeling a little banged up at the end of the mission, though this is likely due to aging, being 50 years old in this game (and almost 51 at that).

It is not known how much of a role he would have played in Just Cause: Mobile, but should the game have followed a real-life timeline he probably would've been ~54 years old in this game.

He has always had a cross necklace.

  • In JC1, if Rico isn't holding a weapon and the player doesn't touch the controls for a while, Rico will automatically perform a cross-hand gesture and kiss the cross. While holding a weapon, he would aim the weapon for a moment.
  • In JC2 he no longer does anything at idle, but if you were to grapple to anything in general, realistically the necklace would fly off due to Newton's laws of motion, but it doesn't. This means that the necklace is attached to his clothing somewhere. Then again, his body doesn't get ripped apart by the grappler either, so those laws might not exist in the Just Cause Universe.

Personality and traits[]

In Just Cause, Rico is portrayed as being vaguely sarcastic but confident in his abilities and hardly ever loses his temper. He talks with a strong Spanish accent, speaking softly in almost any kind of situation. He is familiar with the absurdity of the tasks that he is given and occasionally quips about this. He is also shown to attract the attention of a few women while on his mission, which might be something new to him (see the quotes section below). According to Maria Kane, he has a habit of breaking things. He can also be seen performing a "sign of the cross" and kissing the cross he's wearing. He does this at the end of the first Just Cause trailer (at the bottom of the page). This is something that he does automatically when you leave him alone and don't touch the controls for some time. If he's holding a weapon at the time, he'll instead look at the weapon. This can sometimes also be seen right after completing a mission.

Rico's personality has darkened in Just Cause 2. He is somewhat cynical, yet retains his dark sense of humor and occasional wit, but is more serious in his tone. He is also more aggressive and unlike before, does lose his temper on occasions. Rico also speaks more in free-roam gameplay and has lost a little of his Spanish accent. In Just Cause 2 he doesn't have any moral issues with stealing medical supplies, money and vehicle parts from civilians. Sometimes in JC2, when he kills a lot of soldiers in a very brief amount of time with either a minigun or a Machine Gun, he will briefly chuckle like Alexander Mirkov.

He talks a lot more in Just Cause 3. He is also a bit less of an angry person and seems to have calmed down since 2009 (when JC2 took place.) He is more enthusiastic about things blowing up and feels bad when he kills a Rebel.

Rico seems to have some sort of distaste for the civilians of Panau instead of being relatively indifferent to them like in San Esperito. Take for example: "Get off the streets, you crazy damned pedestrians!" after killing a civilian by running them over, or "Whatever.", which he sometimes says after throwing a civilian out of their vehicle, sometimes to their death.

In stark contrast, as seen in Just Cause 3, he clearly cares about the civilians of Medici, likely due to it being his home country. Whenever he kills a civilian, he usually expresses remorse, for example "That was careless..." after killing a civilian.

In Just Cause 4 he has a lot more discussions during missions and he is revealed to be an actually friendly guy (despite his tough external appearance), who occasionally (Thunderbarge: Ion Coil Delivery and César's Theory) drinks something (presumably beer) with his associates.

He also believes that music is important and that vehicles should have radios, a feature that was added in JC4. He specifically asks César to add a tape deck to the Stormchaser after discovering that one had not been installed. Also, during the mission The Lost Tomb of Otorongo, he points out that the music at a rooftop club in Quya "has a good beat".

At the beginning of the storyline, he is very confident and believes himself to only need minimal directions from any aiding personnel, stating that "A plan is just of list of things that go wrong." Upon being proven incorrect, he is easily willing to admit his mistake and ask for help.

In addition to upgrading his ever more dangerous equipment, he keeps learning new stunts for casual use.

  • In JC1, he can jump into stunt position and jump from car to car, or car to helicopter, or plane to plane.
  • In JC2, Rico can move around between up to 3 positions and use weapons while atop of the vehicle. Rico can even do a flip-turn into a vehicle with doors.
  • In JC3 and JC4, the stunt position covers the whole vehicle and Rico can completely freely walk all over a moving vehicle.


Throughout the game series, Rico has "plot armor" which allows him to survive insanely massive amounts of damage and recover/restore health in a ridiculously short amount of time.

  • JC1: In San Esperito, he only recovers the last 10% of his health. Anything over that will never regenerate and can only be recovered by Medicine cabinet, or First aid kit.
  • JC2: He can regenerate any damage that reduces his health by about 10%, or less. Anything more will need a medicine cabinet.
  • JC3: In this game, he can survive about seven seconds of continuous small-arms fire from the basic weapon in the game, the U-39 Plechovka (As tested in Just Cause 3 Multiplayer, where damage and health factors are the same as they are in the base game. Enemies almost always shoot in short bursts, however, and need to reload. Plus, they miss often than not. So the player should be able to survive much longer when being shot at by an enemy with the Plechovka). A grenade will hurt him a lot, and a direct hit from an explosive weapon designed to destroy armored targets will reduce his health to critically low. He does not have a health bar, but rather, the screen turns black and white when he is almost dead and if he avoids taking damage for a short while, the color restores, implying he recovered.
  • JC4: Now, he can survive significantly more damage than he could in JC3 (relative to the damage output of weapons in this game). He becomes a Titan-like bullet sponge, but like Titans can still be killed by small-arms fire. Like in JC3, he is highly vulnerable to explosions - grenades and small destructibles will hurt him quite a bit and heavy explosive weapons (RPGs and such) will lower his health to a minimum. There is still no health bar, but serious damage adds red markings on the screen and the edges of the screen become red. As he gets more and more hurt, the screen seamlessly transitions into a black-and-white mode, but when all color is drained from the screen and sound becomes heavily distorted, the player's health is hovering between life and death. Luckily though, he recovers within seconds (if he's not under constant fire) and the screen returns to normal.

His actual, physical in-universe health has so far been perfect, but as he revealed to Tom at the end of the mission Thunderbarge: Obtaining The Ion Coil, that he has begun feeling the effects of aging. He feels "banged up" after the mission, which is something he would not have felt when he was in San Esperito.

In Just Cause 3, Rico has an eyebrow scar with unknown origin. He got this between the events of JC2 and JC3.

As of JC4, Rico has four scars on his face. It is unknown how he got them. Rico's new scars mirror Gabriela's three old face scars. They have a similar eyebrow scar. Rico's scars could mean that he is growing reckless as he is growing older, or he may have had some sort of accident (smashed into something while wingsuiting?).

He has been known to occasionally drink modest amounts of alcoholic beverages. At the end of JC3 (and on some JC3 loading screens) he drinks whisky. In at least one mission in JC4, he drinks a beer.


In-universe Rico is just a very strong and well trained badass, but semi-jokingly, it can be argued that Rico has a number of super powers:

Feats of Super-endurance:

  • He can survive ridiculous amounts of damage and heal extraordinarily quickly from any injury. This is because he has what some would call "plot armor". This ability also seems to extend to vehicles he's in. Examples:
    • He can survive any car crash (some cars reach a speed breaking 300 km/h), and the only sign of damage is an occasional "oof". If he's in a car dropping from the highest possible point in the game, the car will only look banged up when it crashes on the ground. It won't even be critically damaged/on fire.
    • He can survive being run over by practically any car. Sometimes, he can even get run over by a train (and all of its cars) and survive it. This ability has increased over time. In JC1 vehicles injured him a lot, or even killed him, but by JC4, a tank will only lightly injure him.
    • He can fall large heights, and survive when he hits the ground. It's not known exactly what the highest height he can survive is, but it seems to be at least 50 meters.
    • He can survive most explosions or multiple point-blank range shots. This seems to extend to vehicles that usually explode easily, but when Rico's driving, miraculously can take direct explosions.
    • He can do all of these things and recover to completely uninjured in less than 15 seconds (as of JC3).
  • He is nearly immune to strong winds, allowing him to stand on a flying jet fighter (stunt position since JC2), stand next to a tornado, and he doesn't need protective eyewear while wingsuiting. The limit of this ability is demonstrated in the opening mission of JC4.
  • He is immune to overpressure, as demonstrated when launching a RPG in a closed space.
  • He is incredibly heat resistant. He can stand in the exhaust flames of jet engines and fuel refinery vents, but standing on lava or in a bavarium reactor is too much.

Feats of Super-strength and physical ability:

  • In JC1 he can either breathe under water, or hold his breath forever. He loses this ability as of JC2.
  • In JC1, no matter how far he is thrown from a motorcycle (in a crash), he will always demonstrate super agility, landing on his feet.
  • He has very strong hands and arms, allowing him to hold on the to tail of a flying aircraft (stunt position in JC1) and not getting his arm ripped off by the powerful acceleration of the grappler (as of JC2). Although, Dimah did mention that the improved grappler design (as of JC3) has a smaller chance of tearing his arm off.
  • He is immune to all forms of dysbarism. Examples:
    • He can swim upwards from any depth at maximum speed.
    • When he uses the wingsuit thruster (seen in the Sky Fortress DLC for JC3), he can ascend even faster, and move through the water horizontally very fast as well.
    • When he is hoverboarding up from underwater (seen in the Danger Rising DLC for JC4), he ascends very quickly, possibly faster than speeds seen in JC3.
  • As of JC3, Rico can jump almost his entire height. Assuming he is around 6 feet tall, this means he can jump as high as or even higher than the current world record of 5 feet 5 inches, and can do this repeatedly with relative ease.

Impossible use of Equipment:

  • He frequently defies gravity with all sorts of impossible maneuvers, such as completely freezing his momentum (even mid-air) to fire his grappling hook and reel in.
  • While not possible to measure exactly how much recoil some weapons would have, it is reasonable to assume that the PWC V4.2 Wind Gun and most shotguns would have very high recoil, however he seems nearly unfazed by this.
  • He has incredible aim. Without aiming down the sights, he can shoot extremely accurately with inaccurate weapons (such as SMGs), even while he runs and grapples around.
  • While he is very well trained in driving/sailing/piloting vehicles, he somehow instantly knows all of the controls of vehicles he's never driven. Aircraft are not as simple and standardized as civilian cars. They have MANY buttons and specially programmed features. Similarly the controls for weapons on many weaponized vehicles are realistically more complicated than a simple trigger.
  • This is not a skill of his, but Rico's parachute is effectively indestructible.
  • He is able to continuously fire automatic weapons with consistent accuracy. Even when ammunition is available in vast amounts, realistically a machine gun would have to be paused frequently and could only fire in short bursts to avoid overheating the weapon. An overheated barrel expands, or can even bend a little, making the weapon much less accurate.


San Esperito[]

In missions:

During free-roam gameplay:

  • "I can't believe I have paid for that." - Rico may say this randomly when idle. He also says this right after the mission Brothers in Arms and at random moments after completing the mission. It is believed that this is a reference to relations of a sexual nature, because of the way that the mission ended.
  • "Watch what you are doing, aye." - When fighting enemies.
  • "His weapons, they're just so powerful, don't you think?" - Talking to the player and breaking the fourth wall when fighting enemies.
    • He may be saying "These weapons" instead of "His weapons".
  • "Here's a message for your pals at home: Stay there." - When fighting enemies.
  • "Yeah, hombre. Sometimes I just lose it." - When fighting enemies.
  • "Careful, you're going to kill somebody." - When fighting enemies.
  • "Rest in peace, amigos!" - When fighting enemies.
  • "Hope you guys brought your earplugs." - When fighting enemies.
  • "You see what happens when you make me angry?" - When fighting enemies.
  • "You guys really want to play with me?" - When fighting enemies.
  • "Alright, alright, I get the message." - When fighting enemies.
  • "Sometimes this job is just too good." - When parachuting.
  • "The open sky, the fresh clean air, what's not to like?" - When parachuting.
  • "I can't believe I get paid for this." - When parachuting. Really he can say this when idle (no player input for a while). Parachuting is just one time where it makes sense to say it.


  • "Crazy damned pedestrians!" - After running over some pedestrians.
  • "Don't you have insurance?!" - Presumably after hijacking a car, this is a cut line of dialogue.
  • "That was fun." - After a settlement completion.
  • "Don't take no passengers." - After hijacking a vehicle.
  • "Why go over, when you can go under?" - After flying under a bridge.
  • "One day, they'll write books about all of us." - After flying under a bridge. This refers to the secret lives of spies and to the fact that some real world spies have had books written about them later. In the german version he says: "Some day, I'll write a book." This seems to be a translation error.
  • "Try to communicate now, punks." - After destroying a Communications Station.
  • "Try to transport fuel now, you pipeline jerks!" - After destroying a Pipeline.
  • "One less pipeline, one less problem." - After destroying a Pipeline.
  • "Don't take it personally, it was just a design fault, that's all." - After destroying a Pipeline.
  • "Whoa... too close for comfort!" - After hitting the ground if the Parachute is opened too close to the ground.
  • "Arregh! Salva Mea!" - After hitting the ground if the Parachute is opened too close to the ground, or when a vehicle blows up near him.
  • "It's a tough job, ...but someone's 'gotta do it." - After completing a settlement 100%.
  • "Ouch, that's gotta hurt the big man's ego!" - When a Pandak "Baby" Panay Statue has been destroyed.
  • "Bye bye Baby!" - When A Pandak "Baby" Panay Statue has been destroyed.
  • "Talk about baby boom..." - When destroying the statues mentioned above.
  • "Oops!" - When tall objects, such as Communications Masts, Cranes or Industrial Chimneys are destroyed, or occasionally when running over a Civilian in a car.
  • "Deal with it." - Cut game content, voice from the Just Cause 2 Beta.
  • "Haven't lost my touch!" - When destroying an Industrial Chimney.
  • "Sheesh!" - When opening the parachute right when Rico hits the ground, or when a vehicle blows up near him.
  • "I hate Ninjas." - During the mission Mountain Rescue.
  • "Stay out of the road!" - After running over pedestrians, even if they aren't in the road.
  • "Get off the streets, you maniacs!" - Same thing as above. This can also be applied to streets.
  • "Rest in pieces, comrade!" - After assassinating a Colonel.
  • Sometimes when causing rampant damage to a military base while in a helicopter (one with rockets and guns going at once) he will sing part of Ride of the Valkyries.
  • "Look, Ma! I said look! Top of the world!" - When reaching the highest point in Panau, Snow Peak, for the first time and earning the achievement for it.
  • "Look, Ma! I said look! Top of the world... again!" - When reaching the highest point in Panau, Snow Peak... again.
  • "That'll come in handy." - When grabbing a weapon that he didn't already have in his inventory.


  • "Best idea I've had all day!" - After leaving a vehicle right before it's destroyed in a crash/explosion.
  • "Perfect parking space." - After leaving a vehicle right before it's destroyed in a crash/explosion.
  • "Sometimes I amaze even myself." - After leaving a vehicle right before it's destroyed in a crash/explosion.
  • "Open sesame!" - While breaking into a vehicle.
  • "Beats using a coat hanger." - While breaking into a vehicle.
  • "I'm so ready for this..." - When picking up heat.
  • "There appears to be a service outage." - After destroying a satellite dish, antenna tower, or radar spire.
  • "Back to the stone age, huh" - After destroying a satellite dish, antenna tower, or radar spire.
  • "Try to communicate now, Punks" - After destroying a satellite dish, antenna tower, or radar spire. This line is possibly an easter egg reference to JC2.
  • "Well, that broke out reception" - After destroying a satellite dish, antenna tower, or radar spire.
  • "I'm sorry, Network is down" - After destroying a satellite dish, antenna tower, or radar spire.
  • "Power's out." - After destroying a Distillation Tower, Core Electrical Unit, transformer or generator.
  • "Lights out!" - After destroying a distillation tower, core electrical unit, transformer, or generator.
  • "No charge, don't mention it." - After destroying a distillation tower, core electrical unit, transformer, or generator.
  • "I think you need to check the fuse box." - After destroying a distillation tower, core electrical unit, transformer, or generator.
  • "No juice for you!"(This line might be an indirect reference to The Soup Nazi Season 7 Episode 6 quote "No soup for you") - After destroying a distillation tower, core electrical unit, transformer, or generator.
  • "Try solar power." - After destroying a distillation tower, core electrical unit, transformer, or generator.
  • "Shocking!" - After destroying a distillation tower, core electrical unit, transformer, or generator.
  • "Frack you!" - After destroying a fuel tank.
  • "Always a pleasure." - After destroying a fuel tank.
  • "Boom, eggs on it." - After destroying a fuel tank.
  • "And up he booms!" - After destroying a fuel tank.
  • "That never gets old!" - After destroying a fuel tank.
  • "And, stay out!" - After destroying a fuel tank or Liberating a settlement.
  • "Danger, contents are flammable!" - After destroying a fuel tank.
  • "One less fuel tank, one less problem." - After destroying a fuel tank.
  • "Try to store fuel now, you jerks." - After destroying a fuel tank.
  • "Can you hear me now? Ahhhhh."(This line is possibly a T-Mobile reference) - After destroying a satcom dish. In the german version he says: "Permanently separated from the grid."
  • "Oh no, no no!" - After stalling on the Wingsuit.
  • "Who's next?" - After killing an enemy.
  • "Oh, baby, where have you been all my life? [Makes kiss sound]" - After removing a Urga Vulkan minigun from a tripod.
  • "Aaaaaaawww... Not... Looking... Good..." - While having to endure high amounts of damage.
  • "Ouch!" - After an explosion occurs near him.
  • "What'cha gonna do? What'cha gonna do when I come for you?" - While shooting low-ranking D.R.M. on foot.
  • "You'll... have to do better... than that." - While having to endure high amounts of damage. This is another example of breaking the fourth wall. However, in the games german language version, it is clear that he refers to his enemies.
  • "This should do it..." - When attaching GE-64 to something.
  • "These babies stick to anything!" - When attaching GE-64 to something.
  • "So, we meet again, Mr. Snowman." - When you find the Snowman easter egg. This refers to the fact that the snowman was also among Just Cause 2 easter eggs.
  • "You make a great couple!" - When tethering two soldiers to each other then reeling in.
  • "Have you two met?" - When tethering two soldiers to one another and reeling them in.
  • "I've got to be more careful when aiming." - After killing (accidental or not) a rebel soldier.
  • "Oh. Sorry, fratre." - After killing a rebel soldier.
  • "I will admit, I am awesome." - After completing a Random Encounter.
  • "You were good, I was better." - After completing a random encounter.
  • "I'm going to tell you something. It's hard being this good." - After completing a random encounter.
  • "We've been over this, watch the explosions!" - After a rebel is killed by an explosion caused by an enemy.
  • "Guys, you are making us look bad!" - After a rebel is killed by an explosion caused as a result of an enemy.
  • "This place looks better on fire." - After taking over a base.
  • "That should do it." - After taking over a base.
  • "One by one, they all fall before me." - After taking over a base.
  • "That all you've got?" - Telling the player after failing (or just restarting) a Race multiple times. Also after losing Heat levels 3-5.
  • "Not to brag. But I am awesome." - After completing a Random Encounter.
  • "Hello pipes." - During the mission Electromagnetic Pulse.
  • "Damn, I'm good." - After completing a Random Encounter or losing heat 3-5.
  • "Fuck you, missile!" - After grappling onto and preparing to redirect the missile in Missile Cowboy.
  • "How did you reach my CommLink? Who are you?" - During the mission Suit Up, the first mission in the Sky Fortress DLC.
  • "I am Rico Rodriguez and I will make YOU pay." - During Suit Up.
  • "It's just a bigger bug to me." - During Suit Up.
  • "Alright, Eden Callaghan. Who are you? What do you people want?" - During Suit Up.
  • "I'm coming for you, Eden, and I will stop you." - During Suit Up.
  • "Alright, then let's do some... negotiation." - During Suit Up.
  • "Son of a Dish!" - After taking out a SATCOM Dish.
  • "Ohhh, what cut the beautiful engine?" - As a vehicle is about to explode.
  • "Have a little treat." - When he throws a grenade at an enemy.
  • "I feel an explosion coming." - As a vehicle is about to explode.
  • "Communication breakdown." - As he destroys a satellite dish, antenna tower, or radar spire.
  • "So long bad guys." - After liberating a base.
  • "Like a human EMP." - When destroying something with the eDEN Spark or after destroying a Distillation Tower, Core Electrical Unit, transformer, or generator.
  • "TKO." - After killing an enemy with combat.
  • "Judo time" - After killing an enemy with combat.
  • "And, dead." - After killing an enemy.
  • "Bull's eye." - After killing an enemy.
  • "One and done." - After killing an enemy.
  • "One less to fight." - After killing an enemy with a vehicle.
  • "Ahh, I can do this all day" - After killing an enemy with destroying a vehicle.
  • "Evil always dies quickly." - After killing an enemy on foot.
  • "Guess death happens in 3's or 4's or 5's." - After killing an enemy with destroying a vehicle.
  • "One less bad guy." - After killing an enemy.
  • "Heads up." - After killing an enemy.
  • "And now you stay down"- After killing an enemy.
  • "Raaaaaaaaahhhh!" - After killing an enemy with destroying a vehicle.
  • "Freedom!" - After killing an enemy with destroying a vehicle.
  • "We don't need you." - After killing an enemy with destroying a vehicle.
  • "Never had a chance." - After killing an enemy.
  • "Bring me death." - After killing an enemy while parachuting.
  • "Death from above." - After killing an enemy while parachuting.
  • "Explosion Effectiveness." - After killing multiple enemies with an explosion.
  • "Adios, amigo." - After killing an enemy.
  • "Down you go." - After killing an enemy.
  • "Should have joined the rebels." - After killing an enemy with destroying a vehicle.
  • "Huh, skills." - After destroying an enemy vehicle with the grappling hook while on top of a moving car.
  • "A little too exciting." - After an explosion happens near him and he is injured.
  • "I should keep my distance." - After an explosion happens near him and he is injured.
  • "I meant to do that." - After an explosion happens near him and he is injured.
  • "Not exactly minimum safe distance." - After an explosion happens near him and he is injured.
  • "Too hot!, too hot!" - After getting burnt by a fire, explosion or explosive missile or round.
  • "Ouch, damn it!" - After getting burnt by a fire, explosion or explosive missile or round.
  • "Oww, that burns." - After getting burnt by a fire, explosion or explosive missile or round.
  • "Damn, that's hot." - After getting burnt by a fire, explosion or explosive missile or round.
  • "And that was your eviction notice." - After liberating a settlement.
  • "You are no longer welcome here." - After liberating a settlement.
  • "This town is ours now." - After liberating a settlement.
  • "This town belongs to the people again." - After liberating a settlement.
  • "Piece of cake." - After liberating a settlement.
  • "That was fun, lets do it again." - After liberating a settlement.
  • "One town at a time." - After liberating a settlement.
  • "Vive la revoloucion." - After liberating a settlement. He appears to have deliberately mispronounced "revolution" for a medician accent.
  • "Another notch in the old grappling hook." - After liberating a settlement.
  • "Sweet, sweet destruction." - After liberating a settlement.
  • "I'm pretty good with a chisel." - After destroying a Di Ravello statue.
  • "Ahh, that sweet smell of freedom." - After liberating a settlement.
  • "That thing has no place here." - After destroying a Di Ravello statue.
  • "The evil in disguise." - After destroying a Di Ravello statue.
  • "Adios, ugly man." - After destroying a Di Ravello statue.
  • "Down with the general, up with the people." - After destroying a Di Ravello statue.
  • "Next time put up something with less mustache." - After destroying a Di Ravello statue.
  • "Not on my island." - After destroying a Di Ravello statue.
  • "Ohhh, did I do that?" - After destroying a Di Ravello statue.
  • "You Know what they say about guys who need big statues." - After destroying a Di Ravello statue.
  • "The bigger they are, The harder they fall." - After destroying a Di Ravello statue.
  • "Boom." - When an explosion happens near him.
  • "That felt good." - When an explosion happens near him.
  • "Your service has been permanently suspended!" - After destroying a SATCOM Dish.
  • "Bullseye." - After killing an enemy with a headshot.
  • "Headshot skills!" - After killing multiple enemies with headshots in quick succession.
  • "Oh captian dead captain." - After killing a D.R.M. captain or Medici Military base commander.
  • "Aah, a new opening in the administration." - After killing a D.R.M. captain or Medici Military base commander.
  • "Eat this!" - When he throws a grenade at an enemy.
  • "Catch!" - When he throws a grenade at an enemy.
  • "Hey, try one of these!" - When he throws a grenade at an enemy.
  • "Hmmm, File that under collateral damage." - After killing a rebel soldier.
  • "Get clear!" - After killing a rebel soldier.
  • "Outta my way!" - After killing a rebel soldier.
  • "Well, you knew the risks." - After killing a rebel soldier.
  • "Not my best work." - After killing a rebel soldier.
  • "Ohh, woops." - After killing a rebel soldier.
  • "Ohh, sorry about that." - After killing a civilian, or an animal.
  • "Damn, damn, damn!" - After killing a civilian, or an animal.
  • "I should probably stop doing that." - After killing a civilian, or an animal.
  • "Ooh! Sloppy." - After killing a civilian, or an animal.
  • "Opps." - After killing a civilian, or an animal.
  • "Ooh, that looked bad." - After killing a civilian, or an animal.
  • "That was careless." - After killing a civilian, or an animal.
  • "That's some thick armor." - After shooting something that a bullet can't easily pierce.
  • "Ughhh, not even a scratch." - After shooting something that a bullet can't easily pierce.
  • "This seems pointless." - After shooting something that a bullet can't easily pierce.
  • "Not worth it." - After shooting something that a bullet can't easily pierce.
  • "Thank you for flying air nitrous! Bye-bye!" - After tethering and retracting an enemy to a red barrel.
  • "I'll call you my little rocketman."- After tethering and retracting an enemy to a red barrel.
  • "A human pretzel." - After tethering and retracting two enemies together.
  • "Group hug!" - After tethering and retracting two enemies together.
  • "Say hi!" - After tethering and retracting two enemies together.
  • "Hey, you make a real impact." - After retracting a enemy soldier
  • "Just hang tight." - After retracting a enemy soldier
  • "Mmm, stick around." - After retracting an enemy soldier. This line is an easter egg to the 1987 film Predator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • "Da da da daaa daaaaa. Da da da daaa daaaaa. Da da da daaa daaaaa. Da da da daaaaaaaaaaaa." - When attacking an enemy base or outpost with an assault chopper.
  • "Ahh, I love this tank." - When operating in a Bavarium-shielded vehicle while being attacked by enemies. Strangely enough, he also says this when inside an Urga Mstitel.
  • "Damn that shield!" - When shooting at a Bavarium-shielded vehicle with the shield active.
  • "That's no good." - When shooting at a Bavarium-shielded vehicle with the shield active.
  • "Nice to boat you!" - After crashing a boat into land.
  • "I should buy a new boat." - After crashing a boat into land.
  • "Spring break, bastardos!" After crashing a boat into land.


Rico is less talkative during free roam than he was in JC3. The following is an incomplete list of his more common and memorable quotes:

  • "Don't fuck with a scorpion unless you're prepared to get stung!" - One of his most memorable quotes in the entire series. He says this just before he kills Oscar Espinosa in the mission of Operation Illapa.
  • "A plan is a list of things that go wrong. I like to keep my lists short." - A snarky comeback to Mira when she says Rico can't take down Illapa alone. He says this in the opening cutscene of Operation Whiteout.
  • "Da da da daaa daaaaa. Da da da daaa daaaaa. Da da da daaa daaaaa. Da da da daaaaaaaaaaaa." - He does this to the tune of Ride Of The Valkyries" when using any vehicle mounted weapons in a helicopter. This is one of the Easter Eggs in Just Cause 4, as a reference to the 1978 movie "Apocalypse Now".
  • "One less blimp, one less problem." - When destroying a surveillance airship.
  • "Keep at it people." - When passing over the frontline.
  • "They're holding their own." - When passing over the frontline. Sometimes he might omit "their".
  • "They're doing good against the Black Hand." - When passing over the frontline.
  • "Son of a...!" - When taking fall damage.
  • "That hurt." - When taking fall damage.
  • "Lets roll!" - When entering a vehicle.
  • "Just stretching my legs." - When exiting a vehicle.
  • "Aahhh." - When exiting a vehicle.
  • "Hahaa!" - When grappling and opining the wingsuit at the same time.
  • "Urgghh." - When spinning around the tornado in the wingsuit.
  • "Urgh, can't see." - When entering a sandstorm.
  • "Woohoo!" - When exiting a vehicle with a parachute.
  • "Ugh, focus." - When wing suiting and hitting the ground without losing the wing suit.
  • "Hello, little friend." - When picking up the SMG-2.
  • "Shotgun, nice." - When picking up the CC10 Shotgun.
  • "Time to blow shit up." - When picking up the AT7 RPG.
  • "Something with a little range." - When picking up a sniper rifle.
  • "I wonder what this does." - When picking up any experimental weapon.
  • "That storm." - When inside a thunderstorm.
  • "I can smell the ozone." - When inside a thunderstorm.
  • "Watch out!" - When flying in a land vehicle.
  • "Here we go." - He says that in a struggling voice while spinning around a tornado.
  • "Hola" - Spanish word meaning "hello" and is said by Rico when reeling to and enemy and kicking them.
  • "Tough luck." - When hijacking a vehicle.
  • "Back off!" - When melee attacking someone.
  • "Hehe, This thing's so fucking big." - When driving a Armadillo 9M.
  • "Takes me back." - When driving a Prisa Rayo Sport.
  • "I like this one." - When driving a fast car.
  • "Nice bike." - When riding a fast motorcycle.
  • "Nice ride." - When entering an expensive vehicle.
  • "That was nice." - When exiting a vehicle.
  • "RRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!" - When using a machine gun.
  • "That's another spy down for the count, Sargento." - After destroying a Surveillance Airship.
  • "Up and away!" - When airlifting an enemy.
  • "Zip!" - When retracting an enemy.
  • "You're going there!" - When retracting an enemy.
  • "Go away!" - When using boosters on an enemy.
  • "Fly, you fool!" - When airlifting an enemy.
  • "Buzz off." - When using boosters on an enemy.
  • "Adios." - When exiting a vehicle.
  • "Vaya con dios." - When parachuting out of an vehicle.
  • "Try flying now." - While retracting a Demon.
  • "These things are disgusting." - When getting attacked by demons.
  • "Something on your back, soldado." - Reacting to a demon posessing a Black Hand soldier.
  • He sometimes hums the tune of the song "Drunken Sailor" when driving the SS Borracho.

Weapons of choice[]

Controlled by the player, Rico can obviously use nearly every weapon in every game. However, there are a few weapons that are significant.


  • Among many others, Rico may be a reference to Scorpion from the Mortal Kombat series as his grappling hook is similar to Scorpion's spear and chain. There is also the fact that he often goes by the alias, Scorpio.
  • Rico, especially in the first Just Cause game, resembles the protagonist of 2003 movie "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" Sheldon Jeffrey Sands. Evidence that proves this:
    • Rico's appearance from the first game largely resembles Sheldon's: black pants, black long-sleeved shirt, black vest, and long black hair.
    • Rico, much like Sheldon, is an operative from a government intelligence agency. Rico from The Agency, while Sheldon was from the CIA.
    • Both characters were involved in a coup against a head of state. However, the roles Rico and Sheldon played are nowhere near similar: Rico was tasked to topple down a dictator (Salvador Mendoza from San Esperito) while Sheldon was tasked to prevent the assassination of the president of Mexico.
    • Sheldon is the surname of Tom Sheldon, Rico's commanding officer in Just Cause and Just Cause 2.
  • The game Sleeping Dogs, released on August 14, 2012, has a free bonus for any gamer with a Just Cause 2 save game stored on their hard drive. The bonus is that Wei Shen (the protagonist of Sleeping Dogs) can wear Rico's outfit from Just Cause 2. This outfit allows Wei to "action hijack" cars at a greater distance. The grappling hook, while still represented on the costume skin, unfortunately, does not function and is merely cosmetic.
  • While running around on the rooftops of the San Esperito towns, or trying to quickly get past any of the various random objects that can be seen in villages, the player has to often use the jump function. If you jump while there's an immovable obstacle in the way, there will be a fart-like noise. See the video at the bottom of the page for a demonstration and Just Cause Bugs and glitches for more glitches.
  • Rico in Just Cause 2 went through a couple of facial designs during development. These can be seen in a couple of screenshots during the loading screen of the game.
  • According to this site and this site:
    • In Just Cause, Rico was originally supposed to be a tattooed man with dreadlocks.
    • In the original intro of Just Cause 2, Rico was burned-out and had retired to a brothel somewhere in Mexico where he had spent his days since Just Cause 1, drinking.
  • Just Cause game series art director Zach Schlappi has said: "The character started out kind of goofy. I was thinking he's like a panther, he's graceful, he's sleek, he's strong. In JC 1, my crazy interpretation of him is that he's like a romanticized Che Guevara with a mariachi outfit – almost like Desperado. There is this romance of a Mexican revolution, so I wanted to borrow some of those ideas for the next game." Ricos looks were updated again for Just Cause 3. "Crank with Jason Statham was a big influence in helping us create his zipper top. His equipment is more real life too. For example, the harness is based off a telephone pole operators harness, and the grappling hook is a slight modernization. We asked ourselves, "If Jony Ive was doing weapon design what would that look like?" We want just a touch of that James Bond agency feel without going too far into the goofy and outlandish like Triple X starring Vin Diesel."
  • "For the player with sharp eyes (or a 4k monitor), you may notice a little special something on the bottom of his boot while wingsuiting." As seen in the gallery below, it is the Avalanche Studios logo.
  • There are three people in real life with this name. Link to Wikipedia.
  • In Just Cause 3 he is referred to by some rebels and his comms officer (Alessia) as "Aquila", meaning Eagle. Civilians often refer to him as a real life superhero or spending more time in the air than on the ground. The term "Fratre" or brother is also frequently used by rebels.
  • Rico is also the only known rebel with green eyes.
  • He used to be a race car driver before he left Medici.
    • In Day 1515 of Di Ravello's audio diary, he mentions Rico winning a race after narrowly avoiding an accident.
      • The cause of the accident was another racer's brakes "inexplicably failing".
      • When the formula 1 (Mugello Farina Duo) car is successfully stored in any of Mario Garages, Alessia says: "Hey Rico! Didn't you used to race one of these beauties before... before you left, I mean."
  • As the protagonist of the Just Cause game series, Rico has appeared in every game so far, from Just Cause (1) to the cancelled Just Cause 2 (mobile game) to Just Cause: Mobile.
    • However, Just Cause: Mobile is the first (and at the moment, only) game where he would not have been the main character, instead being a supporting character. The game was cancelled, which means so far he's still the main character in every game.
  • Rico is no stranger to killing foreigners.
  • Rico's melee animation has changed throughout the games.
    • In Just Cause, there is a slot where he fights unarmed. He hits the center of the enemy's chest with the palm of his hand. This knocks the enemy on their back and seems to kill a weaker opponent, like some civilians.
    • In Just Cause 2, he swings his grappler diagonally from side to side, hitting anyone near enough.
    • In Just Cause 3, he uses the butt of his weapon to bash into enemies, or if he is unarmed, he uses his elbows to melee.
    • In Just Cause 4, he swings his grappler in a semi-circle fashion. This can also bounce grenades back.


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