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Rioja Cartel
Rioja Cartel flag
Their symbol and faction color, as seen on their vehicles.
Faction in Just Cause
Goal, or purpose To earn money as a drug cartel and to take over all the planations of the Montano Cartel
Ideology None
Leader Mr Palmiera
Starting base, or HQ Unknown
Source of money Selling coca on an international market

The Rioja Cartel (pronounced Rioha and sometimes called Riojas Cartel) is a faction in Just Cause (1).


Like their rivals the Montano Cartel, they are involved in the growing and distribution of drugs. Their Faction color is yellow and they can usually be seen driving Cutler-Randall Conquistadors.

The Riojas assist the Guerrillas in taking San Esperito back from Salvador Mendozas dictatorship. This alliance is seen in action in the mission Dismissed Without Honors and Taking Out The Garbage.

They do some of their business deals in hotels and at the El Toro Loco nightclub.

According to the game manual, all Races in San Esperito are hosted by them. The man who stands at the start of the race and measures time does not wear Rioja colors.

The boss is never introduced by name, but it's believed that his name is Edmundo, as during a mission Inmaculada Palmiera tells Rico that "Edmundo will be so pleased. He will contact you soon." in a way that implies he's her superior in the cartel. Sometimes the objective in a side mission will be to eliminate either a Montano Cartel officer or a San Esperito Military officer. The person who gives the objective will say "Hit someone for Edmundo".

According to one side mission, they buy their explosives from the Guerrillas for "bags of bills".

First MeetingEdit

Rico Rodriguez first comes across the Riojas in the mission The San Esperito Connection, when he assumes the identity of Franco Alifano, an American who requires a steady supply of drugs to New York. He then works with the Riojas to deconstruct the empire of the government-backed Montanos.


Patrol vehiclesEdit

Vehicles exclusive of Storyline missionsEdit

Vehicles at cartel villasEdit

At safehousesEdit


  • This faction is similar to the Roaches in Just Cause 2, as they both deal in illegal activities such as the growth, trafficking and smuggling of drugs.
  • The game manual has a picture labeled as General Jose Durango, but the guy in the picture is actually mistakenly the Rioja boss.
  • La Rioja is the name of a region in north-east Spain. Link to Wikipedia
  • For some odd reason, if you get into a vehicle with a Rioja member in the side seat, he will exit and start firing at you.
  • Their safehouses are the only ones that can be unlocked when you are promoted. The Guerrilla safehoues are unlocked after Liberating settlements, but you do unlock new weapons when promoted.
  • They have some very rare vehicles.



Land VehiclesEdit


Nautical VehiclesEdit


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