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Roaches symbol.
Faction in Just Cause 2
Goal, or purpose To be successful drug gangsters
and to control all of Panaus trade
and to become rich.
Ideology Capitalism (Possibly)
Leader Razak "The Razor" Razman
Starting base, or HQ Roaches HQ
Source of money Manufacturing and exporting illegal drugs

The Roaches are one of the three illegal paramilitary factions in Just Cause 2.


Led by Razak "The Razor" Razman, the Roaches have long been Panau's most feared organized crime syndicate. Rooted deep in every town and city they have a loyal hierarchy and are highly organized. Although the Roaches organization is corrupt and always on the wrong side of the law, Razak's riches allow for a lot more freedom in their activities through bribery and death threats.

Their faction color is light blue.

Karl Blaine describes them as Panau's "urban mob, who wear some, how [does he] put it, very nice Italian suits while they cut your throat!"

Unique to the Roaches logo is the Korean hangul do, which on it's own can mean "plans".

This faction is similar to the Rioja Cartel and the Montano Cartel from San Esperito, as they all grow, traffic and smuggle drugs.

Activities and operationsEdit

The Roaches are known for their traditional organized crime activities such as smuggling, drugs, and prostitution. They have also expanded their operations and intend to take control of Panau with the funding of Alexander Mirkov in the interests of Russian control of Panau. Dalton N90s in the Roaches colors can often be found driving around and attacking Panau Military personnel.

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Unknown ranks

  • One guy whose rank is unknown wears blue pants, an orange hoodie and doesn't carry weapons. He appears in the beginning of every Roaches faction mission and is also shown disembarking from the Roaches H-62 Quapaw at every stronghold takeover. Oddly, in game he isn't there.
  • Captain Singh - The captain of the Minerva, a Roaches cargo boat in the mission River Runs Red.
  • There is a traitor in the mission Nothing to Declare. This is the only Roaches faction member who is red-marked (indicating enemy) other than every other Roaches member who is green (indicating ally or civilian). The character model can be either a Roaches elite or grunt.


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One-handed weapon(s)

  • Pistol
  • Revolver
  • Submachine gun
  • Sawed-off shotgun 

Two-handed weapon(s)

  • Assault Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Machine Gun

Mounted guns

  • Minigun
  • Machine Gun






Areas of influenceEdit




Other locations:

  • "A Roach safehouse". Razak speaks of this during the mission River Runs Red. The Minerva was on its way there, traveling north along the Rajang River. It's not known where it is and he may have been talking about almost any location along the coast, because the safehouse could be any house/building at any civilian settlement.
  • A small outpost at Pekan Buaya Tidur.


  • There is no plausible explanation as to how one of their Dalton N90s ended up in military custody on Pulau Berapi.
  • They possess the only sidemissions in Just Cause 2 that start with K and N. In fact, there is only one mission for each of them.

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