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Roadblocks and checkpoints are a method of police and military security implementation on roads in the Just Cause game series. Not to be confused with Military base outposts.

Just CauseEdit

In San Esperito, the roadblocks are set up by the San Esperito Police Department from Heat level 3. A roadblock has some anti-vehicle obstacles; 2 policemen (one with a shotgun) and either a Huerta Mesa, or a Vaultier ALEV Patrol Special parked in the middle. Those anti-vehicle obstacles are very ineffective and are easily pushed out of the way by any car.

Roadblocks are also set up by anyone who controls a settlement when you're trying to liberate it. Some of these roadblocks are smaller and weaker and others are massive barricades composed of concrete blocks. They also have yellow traffic markers on them to warn vehicles. These roadblocks can stop any ground vehicle. Even the 8-wheeled Ballard series armored vehicles will get stuck on them. However, they can be blown up.

Three roadblocks appear in missions:


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  •  Playstation 2    PC   A vehicle can get stuck on a roadblock during a Liberation and start draining its health, inevitably blowing the barricade up. This saves you grenades and ammunition.

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Just Cause 2Edit

Similar to Military base outposts, the Panau Military has set up checkpoints to serve as a kind of border control-style way of reducing crime in Panau. However, under closer inspection, the soldiers don't seem to be stopping cars, let alone checking them. The military probably gets random civilians from cars for minor offences or nothing at all. The checkpoints also serve as a barricade to stop the criminal factions from entering the settlement.

They consist of cones set up in the middle of the road, some Czech hedgehog-type anti-tank obstacles and other assorted items. There's never enough of these to actually form a continuous line and are therefore useless. There's always an military vehicle present and several soldiers walking around.

They are usually seen with a civilian car pulled over and the cars occupants apprehended.

Oddly, when you drive past them in Heat or speeding (therefore going in heat), they will not pursue you.



It's not known how many there are, but probably well into the hundreds, if not even thousands.

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Just Cause 3Edit

The Medici Military is known to use Weimaraner W3 cars as a part of roadblocks.


  • In some missions.
  • Sometimes completely randomly. Civilians will try to drive past them and sometimes even ram their way through.
  • If a settlement is liberated and there's a car leaving the settlement across a bridge, then the military will set up a roadblock on the far side of the bridge.
  • Somewhere in Insula Fonte is a bridge that has a Medici Military roadblock on one end and a Rebellion roadblock at the other. Both roadblocks have two cars and a few soldiers. This occurs during a certain point in the storyline and does not last long.
  • At high levels of heat, you can very rarely run into a roadblock with dual CS Odjurs. The below screenshot of this is from one of the game trailers, where the armored vehicles didn't attack Rico, as the Stria Obrero managed to pass through the roadblock with no serious harm. In the game however, they do attack the player with their Vehicle mounted weapons.

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Just Cause 4Edit

Just Cause 4 doesn't have normal Heat, so it's not known how often roadblocks appear during normal gameplay.

  • The mission Aeropuerto Scramble features several roadblocks that each consist of a row of trucks and random items used to block the gaps between the vehicles. Oddly one of the items is always a vehicle trailer with a ramp. Also, these roadblocks have a helicopter above them.
  • The mission Scene: Axman's Juggernaut also has roadblocks, that again have a ramp among them.
  • The mission Windwalker: Diversion has some roadblocks that consist of Warrior Offroader cars, a helicopter above them and occasionally a tank behind them.
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