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Rosa Manuela
Rico and the Rose (Mario meets Rosa)
Arriving in Medici in the mission Rico and the Rose.
Character in Just Cause 3
First appearance Rico and the Rose
Faction The Rebellion
Job Presidential candidate of Medici
High ranking Rebellion member (as of her arrival)
Last known status Alive

Rosa Manuela is a character in Just Cause 3.

Personal infoEdit



According to the game's opening cutscene, she's an "exiled populist leader".

As revealed by the Di Ravello tapes, before Sebastiano Di Ravello assumed control over Medici, she was a little known but charismatic politician who quickly gained popularity among the Medicians and threatened Di Ravello's plans. She ran against Medici's President Dante in an election that was canceled by Di Ravello following Dante's death on election day.

Rosa was able to escape Di Ravello before the latter had the chance to "deal" with her. She found political asylum in South America and stayed there for many years.

She returns to Medici from exile in the mission Rico and the Rose and soon becomes the new leader of The Rebellion a position formerly held by Mario Frigo.

Rosa isn't afraid to speak her mind and is seen giving powerful speeches in front of a TV camera on multiple occasions. She also isn't afraid to expose herself to unnecessary risk as evidenced in the mission The Watcher on The Wall where she attempts to oversee the upcoming engagement against Di Ravello's forces before being escorted to a "safer" location.

It is her intention to "rebuild a fair Medici" and prevent any further use of Bavarium.


  • Annika Svennson, Teo, and Mario Frigo are all huge fans of Rosa Manuela. Teo even refers to her as a "brilliant woman", a statement which doesn't go without saying owing to his own level of intellect.
  • She seems to dislike Mario Frigo (evidenced after the latter shakes her hand upon arrival at Refugio Umbra), but professionally keeps it to herself.
    • In contrast, Rosa holds great respect for Mario's best friend, Rico Rodriguez. She relies on his advice at several points during the story, and even makes him the de facto "commander" of all rebellion forces owing to his skills, reputation, and combat experience.
  • Rosa's opinion on the application of Bavarium is somewhat conflicted. At the beginning of Derailed Extraction, she is vehemently opposed to the idea of anyone wielding Bavarium's destructive power. However, by the time of The Shatterer of Worlds, she admits to Rico that in the wake of Di Ravello's defeat, Bavarium could be "a boon to rebuilding Medici". In other words, Bavarium is just what Medici needs to rebuild itself after the dust settles and the war comes to an end. However, Rico assures her that Bavarium is simply too dangerous, and neither Medici nor the world can be trusted with it. In the end, Rosa concedes.
  • At the end of Just Cause 3, it is implied that she becomes the next "leader" of Medici.
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