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Rotor industries ATRV
Rotor industries ATRV
At Guerrilla 17 "Camp Jungle work" safehouse, next to a Harland DTWV-2 Scout.
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Armed light off-road vehicle, an extra large ATV
Weapons Mounted Gun
Rarity Rare
List of owners San Esperito Military
Black Hand

The Rotor industries ATRV is an armed light off-road vehicle in Just Cause (1).


It's a large 6-wheeled ATV, with a roll cage; a Mounted Gun and an impressive off-roading ability. It has 1 seat, but you can carry a passenger / machine-gun operator on the rear platform.

"ATRV" might stand for "all terrain reconnaissance vehicle".

Locations and versionsEdit

This vehicle is available in two colors: black and brown. However, the only ones who use it are the Black Hand.



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