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Russian Military
Alexander Mirkov's SV-1003 Raider
Alexander Mirkov and his SV-1003 Raider.
Faction in Just Cause 2
Goal, or purpose They are the official military of Russia.
Ideology None (they take orders from the Russian government)
Leader Unknown
Starting base, or HQ Unknown (in Russia)
Source of money Russian military budget

The Russian Military is the military of Russia in the Just Cause Universe. They make a single appearance in Just Cause 2.


Six months before Papa Panay's execution, Alexander Mirkov received an offer to become the Second Trade Secretary of Russia's embassy in Panau. Mirkov's objective was to find the best anti-government gang to fund them and be able to place that gang in the Russian Palace. He eventually ended up choosing the Roaches.

When word came out of Panau's oil reserve, Mirkov was assigned a certain part of the Russian Military to take care of any opponents (Chinese Military; Japanese Military; Panau Military and anyone else, like Rico) and claim the oil for his motherland.

Mirkov, together with his squad, stayed at the Three Kings Hotel until the time was right. However, the information of his whereabouts were leaked to the Agency, and together with Zhang Sun and Masayo Washio, was killed by Rico Rodriguez and Tom Sheldon, along with his squad.


Either the Russian H-62 Quapaw is much more powerful, or their SV-1003 Raider is much lighter. They use their helicopter to lift the armored vehicle, which is something that can't normally be done by the player. The Russian helicopter is equipped with four grappling hooks.

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