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SAMs in Panau
SAM sites in a 3D model.
Sabotage Destructible Object in Just Cause 2
Total amount 185
Armament needed Heavy arms fire or explosives
Value in Chaos points 500
Value in money 2500
Approximate safe distance during destruction A few meters.

SAM sites are automatic surface to air missile launchers in Just Cause 2.

For any other SAMs, see: SAM (disambiguation).


A SAM (Surface to Air Missile) site is an automated missile turret that the Panau Military uses for air defense. If you have Heat and are piloting an aircraft, it will fire homing missiles as long as you are within its (large) detection radius. Since the multiple missiles are difficult to avoid and powerful enough that only 2-3 will destroy any aircraft, it is advisable to destroy SAM sites first when attacking from the air.

If you have an agile helicopter such as the UH-10 Chippewa or Rowlinson K22, you could circle around the SAM (left or right, it doesn't matter) since its turning ability is low. It will fire missiles, but keep circling and the missiles will go off target and explode. While you circle it, take pot shots at the base and it will explode after a short time. With bases that have more than 1 SAM, use this same tactic but in this case circle around both SAMs with one big circuit, instead of individual circuits. A slightly harder, but quicker way, is to destroy one whilst you have no heat, then if there are any others just find and destroy them, dodging the missiles using the marker on screen.

The best way to take out SAMs (if you're in a missile-armed helicopter) is to stay out of range and shoot a large amount of missiles at it. That way it'll be destroyed before you get Heat. If the base has several SAMs, do the same. If you're far enough, they might not be able to fire back. Or if they do, you won't have to fly far, to get away from them.

The missiles should be easy to avoid if approaching them with most planes. Exceptions are Cassius 192, Bering I-86DP and Aeroliner 474. The missiles should explode after some time if they do not hit Rico's aircraft. This will be indicated by the enemy explosive icon (in the shape of a bomb) disappearing and a "boom" sound.


An alternative to an aerial attack is to first land and attack the SAM sites from the ground. They are weak enough that just two Level 1 Fragmentation Grenades will destroy them and upgraded explosives can take them out in one hit. Once the SAMs are destroyed you can return to your aircraft and quickly flatten the rest of the base. Destroying them gives 500 chaos points and $2,500.

Special variantsEdit

Any SAMs in faction Strongholds are special, as they will target enemy aircraft instead of your own, so it would be wise to never destroy them. They can also be seen at the Kem Gunung Raya military base. They still give out Chaos points and cash when destroyed, so it's up to you if you want to destroy them.


The SAM units are programmed to use at least 4 warnings when in action. They can be heard through Rico's PDA, which is snapping up most of the Panau Military radio communications.

  • Missile locked on target!
  • Missile launched!
  • Launching missile!
  • Missile away!


Usual military facilities have a maximum of 4 SAM sites, but there's at least two exceptions; Kem Jalan Padang Luas with 5 SAM sites and Pulau Berapi with 6. Both of them are very large facilities. There is a total of 185 SAMs in Panau that count towards completion, but there is an additional 4 on both the U1 and at a mansion in the mission "An Officer and a Hitman". These do not count to the total amount.


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