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SAMs in San Esperito
Automatic SAM launcher (ground)
A ground installation at Don Velasco Air base on a hill, east north-east of Esperito City and just west of Guerrilla 29 "Campo Libertad" safehouse.
Weapon in Just Cause
Type Automatic SAM launcher
Usage Not controlled by the player
Maximum ammunition in the weapon Infinity
List of owners San Esperito Military
Black Hand
Unmarked bases

SAMs in San Esperito are anti-aircraft weapons in Just Cause (1).

For any other SAMs, see: SAM (disambiguation).


They are surface to air missile (link to wikipedia) launchers.

While a base belongs to the government, these missile launchers will try to kill Rico, if he approaches with a flying machine. As soon as a base is taken over by the Guerrillas, they start shooting at any government aircraft in range.

If you have Heat, all vehicle weapons will automatically lock onto the missile launchers, just like they would to any other enemy. Oddly enough, your weapons will still lock onto them during heat while approaching a friendly military base.

The missile launchers look like boxes that have four missiles connected to either side and a small radar antenna on the top.

They are installed in many different locations. The ground positions are usually surrounded by a low wall of sandbags. Many are on the tops of purpose-built wooden towers. Two are on a train. Three are on a ship.

Those wooden towers all have ladders leading to the top and at least two of them can be found in civilian use, as observation towers. One is north north-east of Guerrilla 23 "Camp Soledad" safehouse. Perfect for BASE jumping.



  • Rico and Esperanza try to buy a weapon called "Sam 3" in the mission Brothers in Arms. Nothing is known about these weapons, but they may also be some kind of Surface to Air Missiles.
  • These SAMs are a lot more powerful and better guided than JC2 SAMs, albeit slower than the latter.


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