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SAMs in Solís
Weapon in Just Cause 4
Type SAM
Usage Automatic
Maximum ammunition in the weapon Infinite
To unlock Unobtainable
List of owners Black Hand,
Army of Chaos

SAMs in Solís, also known as the Huntsman SAM launcher, are weapons in Just Cause 4.


The article is named that to be uniformed with the similar articles for previous games in the Just Cause game series.

In-game they are called "Huntsman SAM launcher".


It's an automated missile launcher with 16 missiles. Each launcher has an 4-wheeled Trailer. The launcher consists of a tall square unit with three loaded missile canisters mounted on a rotating platform.

They look like patriot missile launchers.


They automatically launch missiles at the player, if the player approaches a Black Hand controlled base.

They are a type of vehicle trailers and seem to fit the Semi-trailer trucks, but the stabilizing legs are always down, so they can't be towed.


All Black Hand bases have them. After completing the mission required to clear it, they're all automatically repainted to Army of Chaos colors.


 PS4   Sometimes after completing the mission required to clear a base, some of the SAMs may remain Black Hand controlled, with no livery change or allegiance shift.


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