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SAMs in Solís
Weapon in Just Cause 4
Type SAM
Usage Automatic
Maximum ammunition in the weapon Infinite
To unlock Unobtainable
List of owners Black Hand
Army of Chaos
The Agency

SAMs in Solís (name Huntsman SAM launcher in AR Scan) are weapons in Just Cause 4.


Even though the proper name is "Huntsman SAM launcher", this article is named this way to be uniformed with the similar articles for previous games in the Just Cause game series and to include both types.


A completely automated missile launcher, it composes of four canisters with 4 missiles each and mounted on a 4-wheeled trailer. The Huntsman SAMs is similar to the MIM-104 Patriot 104F (PAC-3) variant.

Faction colors and symbols:

  • Black Hand's composed of black and red markings.
  • Army of Chaos composed of being painted green and yellow with various markings.
  • The Agency's composed of grey and orange.

Both non-Army of Chaos' SAMs have an accessible control panel for Rico to temporary hack to his side.


Huntsmens are usually deployed to defend large military installations or field SAM sites to control local airspace. When an unidentified aircraft enters the airspace, the Huntsmens will open its pods' covers and turn to launch homing missiles at them. However they seemed to have been nerfed, compared to the ones of the prequels, as it takes 4-5 missiles to take down enemy choppers and even less so with accuracy. The player's craft will emit an audio cue when a SAM has locked onto it.

Enemy SAMs can be hacked to annex its allegiance to Rico which could help bring down enemy air support when liberating regions from enemy control.

Due to how they're mounted, they may be attached to a semi-trailer trucks and towed along. As such, its anchors will raise automatically.


  • Three appear in Operation Whiteout, where Rico could hack them as a sort of tutorial. However there is no need to hack them though as there are no enemy choppers or aircraft encountered in the mission save for a cut-scene.
  • All Black Hand bases have them. After completing the mission required to clear it, they're all automatically repainted to Army of Chaos colors.
  • Sometimes at the front line.
  • At the Agency submarines. These are added by the Danger Rising DLC.


 PS4    PC   Sometimes after completing the mission required to clear a base, some of the SAMs may remain Black Hand controlled, with no livery change or allegiance shift.  PC   Towing them might not work, because the stabilizing legs might not rise up.


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