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SV-1003 Raider
SV-1003 Raider
Vehicle in Just Cause 2
Type Heavy armoured APC
Weapons Minigun turret, but confusingly called Mounted Gun
Rarity Common
List of owners Panau Military
Russian Military
Reapers (never seen in use)
A race owner
The following statistics are from the official strategy guide.
Top Speed 18
Acceleration 21
Armour 83
Handling 17

The SV-1003 Raider is an APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) in Just Cause 2, with a mounted minigun.


It might be based on the MOWAG Piranha 8x8. The SV-1003, unlike the SV-1007 Stonewall, comes in all three camouflage paint schemes: desert beige, jungle green, and snow white. There is, however, no urban black version. In 'Kicked to the Curb' it spawns a unique red version.


The Raider is a powerful vehicle (with a weight of around 10 tons) and, once in motion, it is capable of tossing aside any road barriers and cutting down trees without a noticeable impact on its course or speed. As expected, the vehicle has a wide turn radius and slow acceleration but makes up for it with sheer engine power.

The heavy armor of this vehicle makes it immune to collision damage which, combined with its great mass and powerful engine, makes it the perfect escape vehicle in jungle areas when being pursued. The Raider cuts through all but the largest of trees without taking a scratch while the shape of its hull allows it to simply roll over most rocks and tree roots. It is also capable of scaling quite steep hillsides without losing much momentum and can survive a drop from a tremendous height whilst suffering only moderate damage (unlike most vehicles that either blow up or become very fragile).

Its mass and shape allow it to roll over or toss aside any common vehicles on impact, but the player should watch out for direct hits with vehicles at high speeds as the collision might cause the lighter vehicle to explode, damaging the Raider.

Combat effectivenessEdit

The SV-1003 Raider is fairly useless in combat but serves well as a very durable off-road vehicle.

While the Raider has a mounted minigun, it's of no use when driving and does not protect the operator from incoming fire. Furthermore, continuously firing the mounted Minigun will obstruct the operator's vision so much that it becomes very difficult to see targets and to determine the direction of incoming gunfire. All of these things mean that SV-1003 is better used as a heavily armored transport vehicle for destroying stationary targets rather than for confrontations.

To make a friendly NPC mount a turret, the player needs to drive the Raider to a friendly stronghold and pull a gunner from one of the armed vehicles parked near the main entrance. The gunner will attempt to mount the closest turret again. It should be noted that the NPC gunner creates a set of problems on its own. It will draw military attention from a far greater distance than the player alone would and, once in battle, he will be killed quickly, leaving the driver alone in a difficult situation.

SV-1003 Raider can take heavy damage from gunfire and the driver can confront a large force of infantry by attacking from the roof of the vehicle (using personal weapons, rather than the minigun) while periodically getting inside the vehicle to regenerate lost health and reposition or change movement direction. Shooting from the roof should be avoided when driving through forests however as falling trees will immediately knock Rico off of the vehicle.

Russian versionEdit

During the Agency mission Three Kings, Alexander Mirkov invites you to "Taste the wrath of Mother Russia!". He calls an H-62 Quapaw, which drops a unique Raider with Russian camo paint onto the roof of the hotel to use against you. This unique version is superior. The gun shield is bigger and actually protects the gun-operator. Alexander can only be killed when shot at from the side, while he's shooting at Tom Sheldon.

The Russian version has much stronger and/or lighter armor. An H-62 Quapaw can't lift a usual SV-1003 Raider and the armor of this version can't be harmed by all explosives, but a few blocks of Triggered Explosives will make short work of this variant. This method of destroying the Russian Raider is the most effective way to deal with Mirkov.


Despite being available on many bases, it's only used during a few missions. It's never used in normal gameplay.

During free-roamEdit

During missionsEdit


  • Despite its use as an armored personnel carrier, it is never seen in use against factions.
  • Sometimes the "Kicked to the Curb" race in Panau City can spawn two at a time due to a glitch.
  • Despite the one at Kem Gunung Gurun being green-marked, you will still obtain heat if the military see you driving around in it. This may be some kind of development oversight.


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