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SW2 Rodelero Rifle
SW2 Rodelero Rifle held by Rico
As held by Rico.
Weapon in Just Cause 4
Type Assault rifle
Usage Two handed
Maximum ammunition carried 136?
Maximum ammunition in the weapon 45
To unlock Not available through supply drop
List of owners Army of Chaos

The SW2 Rodelero Rifle is a weapon in Just Cause 4.


It's a assault rifle exclusively used by the Army of Chaos. This seems to be their counterpart to the SW9 Assault Rifle. The weapon is very similar in appearance to Just Cause 3's U-39 Plechovka except with a different cartridge.


About the same as the SW9 Assault Rifle. The only differences seem to be naming and color scheme.


It can only be obtained off dead Army of Chaos soldiers. Usually this is more common near the front line.


  • Along with the SW9 Assault Rifle, this is the successor to the U-39 Plechovka from Just Cause 3.
  • The designation "SW2" suggests the Rodelero might be an earlier model of rifle which was replaced by the SW9.
    • Which could alternatively mean story wise that when the Black Hand in JC3 use U-39's, they could actually be using the SW2 without graffiti, as both look alike.
  • A "rodelero" is a type of 16th-century Spanish soldier armed with a sword and buckler.


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