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SW9 Assault Rifle
JC4 two privates and a tank in battle.png
Black Hand private using the SW9.
Weapon in Just Cause 4
Type Assault rifle
Usage Two handed
Maximum ammunition carried 136 and 5 grenades
Maximum ammunition in the weapon 45 and 5 grenades
To unlock Complete The Illapa Project
List of owners Black Hand
Army of Chaos

The SW9 Assault Rifle is an assault rifle in Just Cause 4.


It's a basic automatic weapon with an under-barrel grenade launcher as its secondary fire. It appears to have an aiming laser mounted on the side, but this is purely aesthetic and does not function in the game. It also comes with an unfunctional flash suppressor as well (muzzle flash still very visible). At night and in dark environments, some parts of the weapon will curiously light up - ironically, the laser stays inactive. According to the side of the weapon, this weapon was made by Black Hand Armaments LTD.

Black Hand Statues seem to have the same weapon, but it lacks the laser sight, or a rail to mount one.

The rifle resembles, to varying degrees, the HK 433, ARX-160, IWI ACE, Imbel IA2, and AR-15 assault rifles.


The SW9 is an all-round weapon that can perform well in most situations. Rugged and reliable, its performance is good enough to holds its own against most of the Black Hand units, demons and Agency troops. It has decent damage, fire rate and pretty good accuracy for a weapon of it's type.

Assuming all bullets hit but don't get headshots, it takes less half a second to kill privates and a little more than one second to take down elites. However, at longer distances, bullets will miss, so on average it takes just over half a second to kill privates and less than two seconds to kill elites.

This is undoubtedly one of the most stable and accurate automatic weapons in the game. Recoil pattern is very predictable - the muzzle climbs directly up with consistent uninterrupted fire, with little horizontal recoil. Bullet spread is insignificant at close range, but becomes more apparent when trying to snipe enemies far away, partially behind cover (in such a case, tap firing or shooting in short bursts might be a good idea). Aiming (shift on PC, assuming it hasn't been remapped) will reduce spread and slow down the rate of muzzle climb.

Like almost all small-arms in Just Cause 4, muzzle velocity is very low, so you'll have to lead your shots at medium to long range. Annoyingly, bullets despawn after traveling for a hundred meters or so.

The weapon's grenade launcher allows it to take out a large group of infantry, or lightly-armored vehicles with a single well-placed shot. It's a very convenient thing to have for dealing with armored chaos objects.

As expected of a assault rifle, the weapon basic functions lack the punch to make a dent against heavily armored vehicles. The weapon typically needs various shots from its grenade launcher to be able to damage such targets.


It's a very common weapon.

  • Used extensively by Black Hand privates, elites, and colonels. Others include the SMG-2, CC10 Shotgun, and 21-J Smart-Rifle. These three types of soldiers have a 25% chance of using this weapon.
  • Unlocked at the supply drop by completing The Illapa Project. It is the first droppable weapon unlocked.
  • Used by Army of Chaos at Prospero Torretas. That base has members with random standard Black Hand weaponry.
  • Can sometimes be found in weapon crates. Most crates have randomized content.
  • Black Hand Statues can be found wielding a similar weapon. However, because it is a statue, the gun is unusable.
  • Rico is shown with this weapon in some cutscenes, but he doesn't actually have to have one in some of them. It's not known if this means he has one that isn't seen or if he picked one up from a dead Black Hand operative.


  • Initially this weapon had 35 in a magazine with 105 total ammunition plus 5 grenades, but the May 2019 patch increased it to 136 with 45 in a magazine.
  • For the most basic weapon in the game, this sure is a fairly fancy gun. With its laser sight, grenade launcher and other attachments/accessories always being present, this weapon would be pretty expensive to manufacture, and even more so to equip to a large chunk of the Black Hand. In Just Cause 3, the military's basic weapon was a bare and dated assault rifle, the U-39 Plechovka.
  • A weapon resembling this assault rifle will return in Just Cause: Mobile.