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SW9 Assault Rifle
JC4 two privates and a tank in battle
Black Hand private using the SW9.
Weapon in Just Cause 4
Type Assault rifle
Usage Two handed
Maximum ammunition carried 136 and 5 grenades
Maximum ammunition in the weapon 45
To unlock Complete The Illapa Project
List of owners Black Hand
Army of Chaos

The SW9 Assault Rifle is an assault rifle in Just Cause 4.


The rifle resembles an ARX-160, IWI ACE and the Brazilian Imbel IA2 assault rifle. It has an under barrel grenade launcher as its Secondary Fire. It also appears to have a APTIAL laser mounted on the side of it to assist aiming the weapon, sadly the laser function is never used in game. Interestingly Black Hand Statues use a version of this weapon, but it is probably an older version (SW8?), as it does not hold a APTIAL laser, and has no rail to mount one, making it "technically" a different assault rifle.


It's lacking when going against enemies with body armor, unless you're used to doing head shots.

The grenade launcher only holds 5 grenades, but it's a convenient thing to have for tougher destructible objects.


  • Used by Black Hand privates, elites and super elites. It's one of the most common Black Hand weapons in the rainforest and grasslands areas.
  • Supply drop.
  • Used by Army of Chaos at Prospero Torretas. That base has members with random standard Black Hand weaponry.
  • Can sometimes be found in weapon crates.
  • Two permanently spawn in weapon crates at Casquillos Vacíos.


  • Initially this weapon had 35 in a magazine with 105 total ammunition plus 5 grenades, but the May 2019 patch increased it to 136 with 45 in a magazine.


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