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San Esperito Military
San Esperito military symbol.png
Their symbol, as seen on their vehicles. See the gallery below for additional secondary symbols.
Faction in Just Cause
Goal, or purpose None (They are the official military of San Esperito)
Ideology None (they follow orders from San Esperito government)
Leader General Salvador Mendoza
Starting base, or HQ Unknown
Source of money San Esperito military budget

The San Esperito Military is an armed group in Just Cause (1).

General info

They are the official armed forces of the Republic of San Esperito.

Their duties include:

Other than the above duties, the military is deployed whenever the San Esperito Police Department is no longer able to control the situation.

The official color of the military is grey, but some vehicles are painted with a combination of different greys and white.

See the heat article for when they show up and what weapons they use at what level.

The San Esperito Military is mostly made up of volunteers, as proven by Jose Durango's call for young people to join the military. Based on the quote, it's also possible to speculate that the armed forces of San Esperito accept volunteers from both genders, but one can never see any female solders in the game.

Quote from the game manual:

"General Jose Durango has criticised the young people of San Esperito for not taking control of their lives. Their presence on the streets and beaches is largely down to a lack of alternatives. "I would attempt to identify some of the fundamental problems faced by young people today and suggest possible solutions to these problems". He went on to say, "Perhaps the most fundamental problem faced by young people today is unemployment. I believe that young people need role models, discipline and morals instilled into them. The kind you get through military training."

In politically unstable provinces they can sometimes be seen machine gunning civilians, but in stable ones the San Esperito Military is actually somewhat benevolent with its arms fair charity and there is no obvious oppression of Civilians, as opposed to the Panau Military, which constantly oppresses its own people at road Checkpoints. Oddly, even when the military is shooting at civilians, Rico will get heat level 1 if he should hit someone's vehicle with his car.

In Guerrilla stable provinces, the military change from appearing very commonly to appearing rarely. However they can still spawn in heat and in side missions.


  • The most common members are the soldiers. They're the ones who wear grey uniforms.
  • There's probably many middle levels of officers, but they don't appear in the game. There is however one Guerrilla sidemission, where the PDA says something along the lines of "A military sergeant is offering some military plans in exchange for some booze." Of course, this is only a sidemission, so it's assumed those plans don't provide much information.
  • The highest level members are generals. Only two generals are known:

Branches of the military

The San Esperito Military is consisted of 3 branches. The army; the airforce and the navy.

  • Army - By far the largest branch, owning most of the bases and operating 15 different vehicles.
  • Airforce - The second largest branch, owning several bases and operating 15 different kinds of aircraft.
  • Navy - The weakest branch, operating a fleet of 3 different types of patrol ships and a single unnamed destroyer, which is sunk in the mission Sink the Buccaneer.


Main article: Military bases in San Esperito.

All marked bases.

The San Esperito Military owns 26 bases that are available to be taken over by Rico and the Guerrillas, but they also control several other facilities, such as:

  • The entire main island of Isla San Cristobal province (which remains under their control forever, apart from the SAMs, which are of indeterminate control after controlling Isla San Cristobal, although they usually fire on Rico).
  • Isla Dominio.
  • A few military outposts that aren't marked on the map. Note that not every unmarked base belongs to them. Most of these belong to the Guerrillas. An example of a military controlled one can be seen in the mission Some Like it Hotter.
  • Don Ernesto Harbor in the mission Sink the Buccaneer.
  • The supposed "medical facility" featured in the mission Love is in the Air.

Almost all bases have at least one automatic surface to air missile launcher and provide some kind of a vehicle.

International arms fair

San Esperito hosts an annual international arms fair. The second time the event was held (2005), it was done at the Mendoza International Airport. This takes place in the mission Some Enchanted Evening.

The event is used to sell weapons to international buyers. As reported by the Gaceta Nacional del San Esperito, the profit goes to charity.

There are several hand weapons and even San Esperito army Ballard series armoured vehicles on display at the event.


Main article: Military Vehicles.

Ground vehicles Fixed-wing aircraft
Helicopters Boats and ships


Other than the above armed vehicles, the San Esperito military uses several types of hand held weapons. During the first half of the game, the soldiers can be seen using lighter weapons like the Adler FF M-72 and the Aviv Panthera, but later the Fleisher AR-5 Blizzard will become the standard army gun. During Liberations, sidemissions and other odd events, they can also be seen using rocket-launchers.

Sometimes there may be army snipers on the roofs of some village houses. They seem to disappear during a liberation.

During the events of the game, the military also obtains nuclear weapons. For more info on that, see: Nuclear missiles; Love is in the Air; Sink the Buccaneer and Taking Out The Garbage.

Memorable quotes

  • "Cover your ass, soldier!"
  • "Cover your culo, soldado!" ("culo" means ass in Spanish, "soldado" means soldier).
  • "Eh, what can I say? It's a job."
  • "The uniforms are so crisp and they don't itch at all."
  • "Put down your weapon, senor."

Allies and enemies

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