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San Esperito Police Department
San Esperito Police Primary Logo
The San Esperito Police Department's primary logo. This picture is of a Meister ATV 4.
Faction in Just Cause
Goal, or purpose They are the official police of San Esperito
Leader Velasco, later Carmona
Starting base, or HQ Unknown
Source of money Government budget

The San Esperito Police Department, also known as the Policía is one of the armed groups in Just Cause (1).

Who they areEdit

They are the official police of the Republic of San Esperito. Their duty is to enforce the law.

"Halt, citizen! This is the police." - One of their most memorable quotes.

The game never gives a civilian any Heat level, so if there's a traffic accident between a police car and a civilian car, both drivers will get out and perform the same standard upset hand gesture. However if Rico should happen to scratch a civilian vehicle near them, it can trigger Heat 1, meaning that they'll try to kill Rico, but call no reinforcements, so it's easy to get away.

If the policía feels that they can't stop you and you continue to break the law, then they'll call the San Esperito Military, who will take over for them - heat 4 and 5. Depending on how far you are in the storyline, you might also run into foreign security specialists, the Black Hand.


During the mission Good Cop, Bad Cop it's explained that the San Esperito Police Department is loyal to the government, though they are also corrput and can be bribed.

Until the events of that mission, the San Esperito Police Department is run by chief Velasco. After his death, the next chief of police is Carmona, who gets mutilated (and possibly also killed) at the end of the mission Dismissed Without Honors.

Tom Sheldon explains at the beginning of the mission Streets of Fire that the police is on a "permanent vacation". However, the cops are a permanent presence in the game.


  • SWAT, or riot police. It's not known if they have an official name. They show up at Heat 3 or 4 and drive the Meister ATV 4 trucks. They wear black uniforms with grey helmets.
  • The San Esperito Coast Guard seems to also be a sub-division of the police.


According to Kane (during the mission Dismissed Without Honors), the "Secret Police headquarters" is located in Esperito City, in the same building as a Prison. The mission objective sentence (on screen) and Inmaculada both call it a prison, but it could be both.

Police stationsEdit

Many rural villages have police stations. These stations are all identical cube-shaped buildings, painted in a combination of white and green. They don't have constant police presence and normally appear as completely usual houses.

It's possible to blow up the station buildings during Liberation sidemissions. To do that, you have to cause any explosion in the immediate vicinity of the building. The building explosion does not harm Rico. Destroyed buildings stay destroyed for the liberation only and briefly afterwards, and will otherwise appear standing . The explosion adds a negligible bonus to the liberation progress bar, the same way as drug and ammunition explosions during Cartel Villa takeover.


The San Esperito Police Department has many different vehicles:


The San Esperito Police Department uses relatively few different weapons:


  • "Halt, citizen! This is the police."
  • "Halt, citizen!"
  • "Freeze, citizen! This is the police."
  • "Freeze, citizen!"
  • "Alto! Alto!"



NPC modelsEdit

Ground VehiclesEdit



Vehicles exclusive to Missions or SidemissionsEdit




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