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San Pedro
I've Got the Power 1
Here still in working order.
Settlement in San Esperito
Type Electrical power station
Province Isla San Cristobal
Missions that take place here I've Got the Power

San Pedro is an electrical power station and a notable building in Just Cause (1).


San Pedro appears to be a fossil-fuel power station. The fuel is stored in 3 huge silos. There are also 2 large systems of pipes and valves, each complete with 3 chimneys. The plant has a fence around it, with two gates: north and south.

The plant is equipped with two large radio masts. These masts will remain destroyed forever, if you save the game after destroying them. Note that the game A.I. controlled helicopters might rarely crash into them.

Data (speculation)Edit

  • Effect: 350-600 MW.
  • Fuel: Fuel oil.
  • Share of total San Esperito effect: 70-80%.
  • Units: 2.


The plant is located in the middle of the main island of the Isla San Cristobal province (the island in the middle of the eastern edge of the Map). It can easily be spotted on the map.

Mission "I've Got the Power"Edit

Main article: I've Got the Power.

This power plant is featured in the storyline mission "I've Got the Power", where it's stated that most of the electric power in San Esperito comes from here. Perhaps this is why it is so secluded from the mainland? Because it is very vital to San Esperito?

The power plant is destroyed in the mission. There's no mandatory set way to destroy it. If the player is a very good pilot, they may make Rico use an armed aircraft, like a Walker AH-16 Hammerbolt in the air trying to kill you with dual machine guns. Otherwise one would have to use either Grenades, or Triggered Explosives.

The plant is counted as destroyed when all 3 fuel silos and all 6 chimneys have been blown up. See the mission article "I've Got the Power" for more info on the destruction.


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