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Save the Forest
Sawmill explosion
Faction Mission
Faction Ular Boys
Prerequisite Stronghold Boys with Toys
Faction Influence Level 7
Required Chaos 390,000
Location Seabreeze Sawmill,
Senjakala Islands
X:15340; Y:26480
Chaos 7,500
Cash 17,500
Weapon Parts 1
Vehicle Parts 1

Save the Forest is an Ular Boys mission in Just Cause 2.


The Ular Boys want Rico to prevent the Seabreeze Lumber Company from destroying Selamat Grove, the burial ground of Ular tribal elders. Sri Irawan asks Rico to destroy the silos at the Seabreeze Sawmill and kill the deranged foreman.


Sri gives Rico a Shimuzu Tracline to get to the Ular soldiers waiting for him. The Ulars are using two unique yellow Saas PP12 Hogg off-road cars.

When the convoy reaches the lumber mill, you are supposed to destroy the three large silos. The sawmill is guarded by both African loggers and Panau Military. All are heavily armed.

Any guns (other than the Sniper Rifle) are fine for this mission. There are Triggered Explosives located near each of the silos. A Hedge Wildchild can also be useful in this mission, but it's advised to upgrade to at least 2 stars first.

The Ulars will target the silo nearest to the exit first, then the one near the far left and finally the last one, located far from the exit and to the right a little of the first.

The silos can be destroyed by explosives or heavy weapons at the lower ends. When they're destroyed, you'll see a cut-scene where the silos explode (as if all destroyed by triggered explosives at the same time) and the foreman comes out, driving a unique blue armed URGA-9380. The mission ends when he dies. He is constantly moving but will not leave the sawmill. He cannot be pulled out of his truck and will never leave, nor can the truck be grappled onto. However, a Rocket Launcher, or even planting some triggered explosives as makeshift landmines will easily take out the truck and kill him.


  • These same armed workers (though in slightly differently colored clothing) can also be seen in the mission Head of State and Siphoning Gas.
  • The "deranged foreman" is nothing more than one of the construction workers, except his face can be seen, unlike the other construction workers.
    • The "deranged foreman" has his own unique dialogue.
  • On hardcore difficulty, the construction workers have a tendency to arm themselves with Submachine Guns, Assault Rifles, and Machine Guns. Sniping them from afar can make the mission easier.
  • From the location where the foreman comes out, the word 'Mata' (ਮਾਤਾ) is written in Punjabi, the language of Punjab in northern India. In Punjabi and Hindi, the word means mother, signifying the importance and sacredness of the place to the Ulars.
  • This is the only time you will find the URGA-9380 in a unique camouflage.



Just Cause 2 - Faction Mission - Save the Forest

Just Cause 2 - Faction Mission - Save the Forest

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