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Scolio is a region in Just Cause 3. It is added in the Bavarium Sea Heist DLC.
JC3 map (stingray area)


This region is composed of one province named "Stingray Area", which is composed of 5 satellite stations, some outposts, and some ruins.

It's the only region to lack any sort of natural land (even the eDEN Airspace has some islands), however the ancient temple near the southern corner of the Stingray indicates that there used to be dry land in the times of Ancient Medici.

Stingray AreaEdit

This is the only province here.

Points of interest:

Other things south of hereEdit

There are multiple broken rigs and Black Hand outposts south from the Stingray Area. They are all outside any region, but they're added by the same DLC.

  • N 40 43.470; E 5 31.440. This is a broken rig. It's marked on the map.
  • N 40 42.590; E 5 31.670. This is a broken rig. It's marked on the map.
  • The Black Hand have a floating base/dry dock south-east of here. That outpost is raided by Rico during the mission The Setup. The dry dock is forever occupied by the Black Hand and chaos objects respawn there.
  • N 40 41.720; E 5 31.845. This broken rig is not marked on the map.
  • N 40 41.145; E 5 32.350. This broken rig is not marked on the map. It has a Black Hand presence and one of their barges.
  • N 40 40.650: E 5 33.340. This broken rig is also not marked on the map. This is so far south that it's west of the Grotta Contrabandero.


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