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Seabreeze Sawmill
Seabreeze Sawmill
Settlement in Panau
Type Sawmill
Territory Senjakala Islands
Coordinates X:15365; Y:25865
Missions that take place here Save the Forest

The Seabreeze Sawmill is an industrial facility and notable building in Just Cause 2.


It's a large sawmill with workers that behave the same way as soldiers. It is owned by the Seabreeze Lumber Company.

There's three large silos at the settlement. All are destroyed in the featured mission. Saw sounds can be heard and saw dust fills the air at the building where the foreman comes out. There's also two high towers of unknown purpose at the compound. The above main buildings and structures are surrounded by several wide roofs to protect wood from rain. There are also a lot of log stacks here.



The Ular Boys mission Save the Forest takes place here. The mission involves destroying 3 strange industrial silos and then assassinating the foreman. This liberates the location.


In the middle of a forest in the Senjakala Islands, at X:15360; Y:25860. According to Colonel Malaka's PDA page, this area is known as the Selamat Grove.


  • 2 x Chevalier Traveller SC, at the south-east corner of the sawmill. Strangely, they are red-marked, meaning the construction workers/Panau Military will shoot at you if you are seen in one. Normally these vehicles are owned by civilians, but it is not completely unusual to be red marked if the construction workers use them.
  • 1 armed URGA-9380 during the mission.
  • 2 x Ular Boys Saas PP12 Hogg during the mission.


  • This might not be the first sawmill in Panau. Kampung Kilang Papan means "Sawmill Village" in Malaysian, indicating that there may once have been a sawmill present in the location. Strangely (or to some people, ironically), there is no green chain at this mill. The strong majority of mills, at least in the United States, have green chain conveyors.
  • Colonel Malaka keeps his heroin here.
  • There's a glitched invisible wall near the cranes. Perhaps there was meant to be a fence here during game development?
  • The mission that takes place here is one of three missions that feature armed construction workers. The others are Head of State and Siphoning Gas. This place even spawns them before the mission. They still use the same lines as the Panau Military, like "Move along or I'll have ye arrested!" or "What are you lookin' at?!" Probably the silos which are destroyed later.
  • This is the only village that starts with "S" that is not "Sungai". The other three villages that start with "S" are Sungai Cerah, Sungai Madu Leleh and Sungai Tapai.
  • This place has some similarities with the Mile High Club: Both locations have armed guards that are not the Panau Military during gameplay, both will leave you alone normally (although you can attain pre-Heat here) and both places have missions.
    • On that note, this is one of three places where there are enemies outside of the Panau Military in gameplay, the other places being the Mile High Club and Hantu Island.
  • The workers appear to be programmed the same way as the Panau Military. A Panau Military UH-10 Chippewa with rocket pods will even show up at a higher heat level. However, if you are on the ground, they tend to crash into the silos.
    • Oddly, it is possible to find some elites wielding one-handed weapons and some grunts wielding two-handed weapons. An easy way to distinguish this is to kill one of them and if a grenade falls out, that one is an elite.
  • There are some strange, cylinder-shaped objects which produce an explosion followed by another. Oddly, they give 10 chaos points, similar to Red Barrels.



Just Cause 2 - Seabreeze Sawmill - civilian village

Just Cause 2 - Seabreeze Sawmill - civilian village

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