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Secondary Fire (in some places also known as Alternate Fire) is a feature in Just Cause 4.


As the name suggests, it is a secondary way of firing a weapon.

All weapons in Just Cause 4 (or at least, some) appear to have some kind of secondary fire mode, as seen in some pre-release videos.

The Black Hand appears to extensively use this mode of fire.

One example seen in pre-release gameplay videos is a machine gun that has shields folded onto its sides. This weapon can be fired loosely in the hand, like a normal two-handed gun, but once the shields are folded open, the weapon also folds/extends down a small pedestal that turns the weapon into a Mounted Gun. In this form the weapon is stationary.

List of Alternate Fire ModesEdit

  • SW9 Assault Rifle: Fires a high explosive grenade from the underbarrel grenade launcher.
  • SW7 PBA Assault Rifle: Deploys a drone to assist the player in combat.
  • 21-J Smart Rifle: Fires a burst of guided bullets at target.
  • SMG-2 Submachine Gun: Fires an explosive projectile, which must be "charged" by holding down the secondary fire button.
  • CC-10 Shotgun: Fires a stun grenade.
  • PBX Auto Slug: Fires a blast of buckshot that ricochets off walls and other objects.
  • Defender Machine Gun: Deploys a bulletproof shield, but renders the player immobile until the shield is retracted.
  • LRD-3 Sniper Rifle: Fires a guided missile which can lock on targets.
  • PBX Super-Sniper 4: Launches a proximity mine.
  • AT7 RPG: Fires a rocket into the air, which then comes down onto wherever the crosshair is pointed.
  • AT3-X RPG: Fires a salvo of four guided missiles which can be locked onto a single or multiple targets.
  • PBX Mine Launcher 2A7: Detonates any mines that have previously been fired.
  • DA 9.3 Lightning Gun: Fires a "storm grenade" which causes random lightning strikes the the area. Note that these can strike Rico as well as enemies.
  • RG-PBA 9 Railgun: Deploys a drone to assist the player in combat
  • PWC V4.2 Wind Gun: Fires a blast of wind significantly more powerful than the primary fire.




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