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Senjakala Islands
Senjakala Islands
A Pattani Gluay. Boats are a common way of getting around in this area.
Territory in Panau
Faction Ular Boys
Gained in Boys with Toys
Stronghold Kem Hutan Supply Depot
Location in country South

The Senjakala Islands are an administrative unit in Just Cause 2.


They're characterised by a jungle delta and a number of large offshore islands. Notably, one of these islands hosts the Three Kings Hotel. Its name is Malayian for "Twilight" Islands.


The Faction Influence of the Senjakala Islands territory encompasses more than the actual Senjakala Islands. This political boundary also contains the mountainous parts of the southern Lautan Lama Desert as well as some islands that, geographically speaking, belong to the Selatan Archipelago. In geographic terms, the "real" Senjakala Islands are the two large islands and several tiny islands that sit off the Lautan Lama Desert's southwest coast. Kejantanan Island, which is off the coast of the Rajang River Delta (east of the Desert), may also be a geographic part of the Senjakala Islands; despite this island's significant distance from the rest, it would make sense, considering it is home to the Kem Hutan Supply Depot, the Ular Boys base of operations for the Senjakala Islands territory.

For the sake of this page, however, "Senjakala Islands" refers the areas within the Ular Boys faction influence.

There are no airports in the geographical Senjakala Islands.

Notable LocationsEdit



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