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Shimizu Tumbleweed
Two versions of the pick-up -Shimizu Tumbleweed-, The Guerrilla version (left) and the -Montano- version (right).
The Guerrilla and Montano versions.
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Pick-up
Weapons Usually none.
Guerrilla versions have Mounted Guns.
Rarity Very common
List of owners Civilians
Montano Cartel
Unnamed gang/faction

The Shimizu Tumbleweed is a pick-up type car in Just Cause (1).


It's a pick-up type car, based on the 1992-1996 Ford F-150. Some varriants are technicals armed with a mounted gun, which adds great firepower though they need another operator.


The Tumbleweed is faster than the average car and stable at high speed, even when being rammed. It has a good suspension, giving a smooth ride.

It's no sports car, but it's definitely among the better half of civilian cars.

As a rear wheel drive car with a light looking rear end, it should do well at Drifting, but having good traction, it doesn't seem to want to do that.

Versions and locationsEdit

Owner Color Weapons Locations
Civilians Civilian colors (all non-Faction colors). None
  • In traffic all over San Esperito.
  • At a parking lot, next to a small shop, just north north-east of Esperito City (the capital).
Guerrillas Mounted Gun
Unnamed Faction Civilian Colors
  • In the mission "Brothers in Arms". They all can spawn in different colors and one is obtainable. They are all special, because the Mounted Gun is pointing backwards. Obtaining this one requires failing the mission. You'll have to set the explosives near Esperanza; then run to the car while ignoring all enemy fire (lack of time to shoot) and then detonate the explosives and thereby fail the mission.
Montano Cartel Purple
  • In the fifth storyline mission, "Test of Loyalty". To obtain it, drive it to a safehouse, fail the mission (with whatever means you need), and return to the safehouse. It should be there.


Montano versionEdit

Guerrilla versionEdit

Civilian versionEdit


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