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Siphoning Gas
Faction Mission
Faction Ular Boys
Prerequisite Stronghold Power Surge
Faction Influence Level 1
Required Chaos 20,000
Location East Tanah Raya
X:28930; Y:18275
Chaos 5,000
Cash 10,000
Weapon Parts 1
Vehicle Parts 1

Siphoning Gas is the first faction mission available from the Ular Boys in Just Cause 2.


Sri Irawan informs you that the Ular Boys have been siphoning gas, but they're getting nervous, and want to know how much the government knows and if it's safe to continue. You must visit some pipeline sites and grab data from a laptop. They are, of course, guarded.

The areas are guarded by unique construction workers wielding 2-handed weapons. A unique blue Wilforce jeep also appears in this mission.


Turn around and make use of the Boyd Fireflame 544 waiting for you, if you haven't already driven one. Otherwise it doesn't get you too close to where you need to go. The first pipeline site is away from water and too far below the level of the road Rico is on to jump in a car. Jump out of the car before the sudden stop at the bottom and make your way over to the first of three oil pipeline stations.

Destroy the opposition, hack the laptop, stay nearby while the information downloads. The last stop is Kampung Bunga Mawar, a base with several oil reserve tanks. They have helpfully positioned Guard Towers with Mounted Guns on either side of the entrance. If you have too much fun with the mounted guns, air support will arrive to rain on your parade. Get the data from the laptop first. Once the third laptop has been hacked, the mission is a success.




Just Cause 2 - Faction Mission - Siphoning Gas

Just Cause 2 - Faction Mission - Siphoning Gas

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