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Sirocco Sud is a province in Just Cause 3.
Sirocco Sud on a map

Sirocco Sud is at the south-east corner of Medici. See also: maps.


Sirrocco Sud is the southern part of the second north island in Insula Fonte. Sirrocco Sud is connected to its neighbouring and twin province, Sirocco Nord, by a bridge which can be destroyed. The bridge is the only road which connects the two provinces together unless the bridge at Porto Vena counts.

Sirrocco Sud has two small towns; Laguna Del Sol and Cirilla. Both towns look slightly run down and could possibly be poor compared to towns such as Colle Salrosa and Alba.

However, the strength of the military presence in Sirocco Sud makes up for the poorness in the province with large military bases like Vigilator Sud, a mass radar communication base for military uses (similar to Vigilator Nord), and Le Galera, a prison island which is far off the coastal shores of Sirocco Sud.


The second half of the Sirocco island, south of Lacos, with Soros to the south-west.

The entire island may be called Sirocco since both of the provinces have Sirocco right at the start of their names. This makes sense, but isn't confirmed by anything.

Settlements and points of interestEdit

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