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Smugglers do Run
Smugglers do Run - MTA Powerrun 77.png
The unique MTA Powerrun 77.
Faction Mission
Faction Roaches
Prerequisite Stronghold Oil for Blood
Faction Influence Level ?
Required Chaos ?
Location West of Loji Bahan Bakar Fossil, X:25465; Y:6185
Chaos 5000
Cash 10000
Weapon Parts 1
Vehicle Parts 1

Smugglers do Run is a Roaches faction mission in Just Cause 2.


Razak Razman wants Scorpio to deal with an "infection" of smugglers using routes "owned" by the Roaches. He leaves you with a snazzy MTA Powerrun 77 and an ammunition box, under the PMS bridge.


Get the ammunition and get in the boat. Very shortly the smugglers will plow past your starting position. Run them down and use your boat's mounted guns and rockets to take them out. There are only two smugglers, making this one of the quickest and easiest missions.

If you follow one of the smuggling boats, it'll eventually stop at the northern edge of Kuala Cengkih port. There will be a cargo ship that only spawns during the mission and 3 unique black Winstons Amen 69s and some smugglers with Rocket Launchers.




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