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The Snow Peak, also known as Gunung Raya, is the highest mountain (and point) in Just Cause 2.
Berawan besar mountains
Pulau Berapi (left side)

As seen from Pulau Berapi. Snow Peak is in the middle of the top edge of the picture. The slightly lower mountain to its right is Gunung Kedua.


Gunung Raya means Great Mountain in Malay and Indonesian.

The peak is about 1,890 meters above sea level (confirmed by parachute climbing). In the real world, in this climate zone, this is far too low to cause snowfall instead of rain.

Two settlements are found in the area close to the Gunung Raya peak. One village named Bandar Gunung Raya, which is located east of the mountain on the end of a public road at around 1,380 meters height, 500 vertical meters from the top of the peak. Further up the hill is a military base named Kem Gunung Raya, located just below the peak on the northwest side, and the roadway from the village leads up to the base, but is closed with a roadblock at the village. These settlements are some of the highest in the game.

There is also a smaller 1,743 meter high peak a little to the east of the peak - Gunung Kedua.

The peak also provides excellent views of the settlements within the area, the Mile High Club, Panau City and a view of the Lautan Lama Desert.

Snow Peak (seen from the west)

View of Snow Peak from the west.

Snow Peak (view from top)

View of Panau from Snow Peak (Looking west).


This mountain is located at the PDA map co-ordinates: X:20550; Y:11830.

Missions in the areaEdit

Military bases in the areaEdit

Other informationEdit

  • The player earns the achievement "Top of the World" for going to the mountain's peak and standing there on foot. For PS3 users, a bronze trophy will be awarded.
    • When the player stands on the peak for the first time, Rico will shout triumphantly, "Look, Ma! I said look! Top of the world!"
    • When the player stands on the peak for the second time, Rico will shout triumphantly, "Look, Ma! I said look! Top of the world... again!"
    • In case the hint isn't given, this is the highest point in Panau.
  • There's a skull located on the peak of the mountain.
    • A glitch in the PS3 version can prevent the skull from spawning.
  • There are no roads leading to the top, so the only methods of reaching the peak are Parachute climbing, Grappler and/or by aircraft.
  • See Highest point in Medici and Highest point in Solís for the highest points in subsequent games respectively.

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