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JC3 Soliana Cityscape
Settlement in Medici
Type Town
Region Insula Dracon
Province Massos
Coordinates N 40 43.410
E 5 37.020
Missions that take place here None

Soliana is a town in Just Cause 3.


Soliana is a small town dominated by the ancient roman ruins that sit atop a cliff overlooking Insula Dracon. The town is nestled into the hills of Massos's largest island.

The in-game map description states: "Soliana locals claim their town to be the oldest established settlement in Insula Dracon, a boast few dispute. Its hilltop temple dates back to Roman occupation and honors the sun god Apollo. Early birds can catch magnificent sunrises from the ruins."

The northeast cliff side overlooks a partial amount of Insula Striate's south coast. One notable view is Citate Di Ravello as you can see the two twin black towers and Di Ravello's mansion.

The town is slightly run down, as there is moss growing between stairs and bricks and lots of graffiti everywhere. The road which runs between this town is a dirt path instead of paved tarmac which loops around the town.

There is a Di Ravello tape located here. When you pick it up, it may not necessarily say what happened here, but one of those tapes do state that in the past, a bomb exploded in the fisherman's market here, resulting in some fishermen dead and a lot more people injured, creating riots against President Dante.


On the shore of eastern Massos. It's one of the most eastern settlements in Insula Dracon.



  • Ancient Medici was once occupied by Ancient Rome, but his is one of only two settlements where it's specifically known that the people worshiped something other than the bull statues. The other is Nacre, where the Romans worshiped Venus.
  • In a small dump between the town and the police station is a small black puppy. If the puppy is taken to the dog kennel across the road, "Doge Mode" is unlocked. This is considered to be one of the Easter Eggs in Just Cause 3. Leaving the area and returning will spawn the dog back at the dump. Firing a weapon will cause the dog to run away, so you will have to leave the area and come back to calm him.
    • Oddly, if you unlock Doge mode while in the sight of a D.R.M grunt or Medici Military soldier, you will gain heat level one.
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