Solisian Civil War
Just Cause 4
JC4 artwork (battle with planes, helicopters and armored vehicles)
Pre-release artwork of a battle between Army of Chaos and Black Hand troops
Location: Solís
Result: Army of Chaos victory
Death of Oscar Espinosa
Black Hand crippled
Some Black Hand soldiers defected
Army of Chaos Black Hand under the Espinosa Dynasty
Rico Rodriguez
Mira Morales
Oscar Espinosa
Gabriela Morales
Army of Chaos fighters Black Hand
Many Army of Chaos fighters killed in action Many Black Hand troops killed in action and the loss of all bases in Solís

The Solisian Civil War is a conflict in Just Cause 4.


Solís was ruled by the Espinosa Dynasty for the last 400 years, but not until recently were the living conditions poor enough to provoke an open revolt.


The war began when Rico, Luis and Mira founded the Army of Chaos to start an open war against the oppressive regime of the ruling Espinosa Dynasty.

As the front progressed, there were many special operations (missions) carried out by Rico to secure special bases and weapons. See more about this at Category:Just Cause 4 Missions.

Eventually (mission Operation Illapa), depending on the players choices, the nation could be anywhere between about 60 to 90 % conquered, the Army of Chaos sieged the Illapa base. The battle resulted in the death of Oscar Espinosa and the defection of Gabriela Morales and the final units of the Black Hand in the area. The other areas of Solís could still have more unconquered areas, that did not surrender.

Some time later (mission Beachhead), additional Black Hand units arrived from Other countries in the Just Cause universe to try to recapture Solís. The initial assault was stopped by the Army of Chaos and they managed to prevent further BH reinforcements from being sent.


The Black Hand still exist as limited units in foreign lands, but they lack a home base, so realistically they'd have to disband once their contracts run out.

Solís is now said to be ruled by Rico and his Army of Chaos. Work conditions at factories have reportedly improved, but the nation is still a dictatorship, ruled by a militant junta.