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Some Enchanted Evening
Some Enchanted Evening 2
Story Mission
Previous Guadalicano Choo Choo
Next Streets of Fire
Faction Agency
Location Mendoza International Airport
Destabilized Provinces Encarnacion, Provincia de Las Palmas, Provincia Caballeros, Costa Verde, Provincia de Castillo
Weapons Unlocked Lance FDL
Vehicles at Safehouse Delta MAH-15 Chimaera

Some Enchanted Evening is the fifteenth storyline mission in Just Cause (1).


Mission information from the PDA: "President Mendoza has two sons: Luis and Tomaso. They will both attend the arms fair at Mendoza International Airport. Go there and assassinate the two brothers."

Rico is briefed at the Pocumtuck Nomad which, as usual, is parked at a beach. This time at the beach of a lake. No need to bring any special weapons, or vehicles.

Kane explains that the Mendoza International Airport is located in a resort area, called Paradiso Melledino and that it's home to Salvador Mendoza's private fleet of jets and helicopters. She also explains that there will be a weapons sale and demonstrations show there and that Mendoza's two sons, Luis and Tomaso will show up. The Guerrillas and the Rioja Cartel both want Mendoza's sons to be killed.

Use the gallery below for reference with the action.


You will be provided with a unique Agency Cutler-Randall Conquistador and told to catch a pilot, who's on his way to the fair.

Get in the car and chase him down. Skill with the Protec Grappler G3 will not be needed, as Rico won't have to catch him yet. Chase him until he gets to a Montano Cartel villa/plantation. Rico can run him over with a vehicle when he gets out of his Wallys GP.

The player may use any vehicle to get to the weapons fair, but apparently there's a Delta MAH-15 Chimaera helicopter available somewhere around here.

The fair will have 4 Automatic surface to air missile launchers, but you should ignore those and land. No military units, including the launchers, will attack until the alarm is raised.

The San Esperito International Arms Fair will have 3 Ballard M5B1 Scouts and 1 Ballard Centronel AAWV- 21 on big pedestals and 2 Aviv Scarab submachine guns and 2 Lance FDL sniper rifles on benches. If you got here early enough, you can test them out at the temporary shooting ranges before the targets arrive.

Luis and Tomaso Mendoza will go to a podium and make a speech. It is unknown who the speech is meant for, as the fair is quite unpopulated. At the most, there's only a few policemen and Montano Cartel gangsters patrolling the area.

Feel free to listen to their speech before you carry out your plans. The brothers' plan of escape is to run away; but they will jump into two of the armored vehicles to facilitate this.

The most versatile and reliable weapon is one of the Ballard M5B1 Scouts (one with the tank turret); in this case, serving as assassin's weapon, anti-aircraft gun, and escape vehicle.

Once you have shot at one of the brothers or at another military unit, all units will start attacking and some more will come out of the woodwork to join them. The military will send a helicopter or two after Rico at first. Shoot them down without stopping. You have to shoot them down with out stopping, because they'll be shooting unguided missiles at you and you don't want them to destroy your armoured vehicle.

After you've killed the other brother, switch the weapons to machine-gun. This will lock the turret and make your driving a lot easier. Now just relax and drive to the new agency safehouse "Agency 05 Camp Babylon". The Ballard series armored vehicles are completely bullet proof and nearly invincible to ramming, so you can completely ignore anyone who's trying to stop you. The only danger is going off road. Also on the road are extremely rare military Huerta Mesas. They will pose as a minimal threat to you.

Be aware of a government Jackson Z-19 Skreemer shooting missiles at you during this time. However, you can get rid of it with your tank if your aim is good enough.

When you get to the safehouse, there will be a cut-scene, showing the funeral of Mendoza's sons. After that you'll be at the safehouse. The armored vehicle will be there too. Park it into the garage if you want to keep it.

Alternative strategyEdit

If you take out all the Ballard series armored vehicles and Automatic surface to air missile launchers, with for example an armored vehicle of your own, the sky is yours. The Delta MAH-15 Chimaera can easily handle the couple of waves of helicopter pursuit by flying backwards to face whatever is approaching.




This video shows the mission and how to get the unique Agency Cutler-Randall Conquistador

HD Mission - Some Enchanted Evening - JC1

HD Mission - Some Enchanted Evening - JC1

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