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Sri Irawan
Sri Irawan
Character in Just Cause 2
First appearance Power Surge
Faction Ular Boys
Job Faction leader
Last known status Alive and well

Sri Irawan is the leader of the paramilitary faction known as the Ular Boys, in Just Cause 2.

Personal lifeEdit

Sri Irawan was born in Kampung Sawah Hutan, Panau on April 22nd, 1974. He was educated at Princeton University, USA, and he's a collector of rare sports cars.

"Sri" is a sanskrit word, used as a respectful prefix. It's often used in personal names and names of places in south and south-east Asia. Sri Lanka, Sri Petaling, etc.

Notable achievements:

Ular BoysEdit

He has risen through the ranks to become the leader of the Ular Boys. His agenda is to restore the power to the ancient Ular tribes of Panau although many believe him to be abusing his ethnicity to gain loyalty from the Ular Boys and use them to his advantage in the power-struggle consuming Panau. The Sloth Demon describes him as a man who can manipulate people easily with his speeches. He is prone to calling Rico "serdadu", which means "soldier" in Indonesian. He is extremely loyal to the Ular Boys and, upon contacting Rico via the PDA, even claims that on the occasion of the Japanese army's invasion of Panau "many decades ago", his grandparents and Ulars of their time did not only kill but also ate the Japanese soldiers.

Signature VehicleEdit

See also: Faction vehicles.

During the cutscene at the beginning of most Ular Boys faction missions, Sri will be driven up to your location in a white Chevalier Liner SB with a few of his faction members surrounding him on the wooden seats in the rear, as he sits where the tailgate would be on one of the other Traveller variants. This vehicles color scheme may or may not be unobtainable, as there have been no confirmed sightings (or even extensive research) into the colors which the Liner SB spawns in. One thing that is notable however, is that the tires on Sri's Liner SB have more detailed, off-road style treads, most likely because it is a cutscene vehicle.

The only time he does not show up in this vehicle for a side-mission cut-scene is  Be Quick or He be Dead. However, it is quite tricky to drive a land vehicle into a boat gas station.

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